Friday, 7 October 2011

The Things Kids Say - Magical Gloves

It really amazes me at times the things my children say, i'm aware that alot of children have a very vivid imagination but sometimes the things Alex & Max come out with just make me buckle with laughter.

The story began a couple of days ago on the way back from school, unfortunately i was not actually present at the time but when Marie told me the story i could not do anything but laugh, on the way back from the school they had been discussing their new gloves that we had bought for them, since here in Sweden we are getting extremely cold weather, i'm talking something like 10oC (50oF) and actually this morning it was even lower 6oC (42.8oF) with the addition of rain.
Alex & Max's Magical Gloves, or so they think.
Maximus was walking down the big flight of stairs known as My Nemesis while holding on to the railing which was wet due to it being raining pretty much all day, so as he was doing this Alexander turned around and asked:

Alexander: "Are your gloves getting wet?"
Maximus: "No, they are magical, they don't get wet"

A few more minutes past, Alexander was obviously contemplating his next question and finally came out with:

Alexander: "If i stepped on your hand would you feel it?"
Maximus: "No, i told you already they are magical gloves!"

Thank god that they didn't try and test this theory out, and i really have no idea where they got the whole idea that their pair of gloves had magical properties but at the same time, i just can't understand what made Alexander come out with a question like that. I mean seriously he could have asked a million and one different questions related to the gloves and what they could do but he asks if he stepped on his brothers hand if he would feel it.

I'm beginning to get very worried about the path my child is on, if the first question that springs to mind is about violence towards his brother. But at the same i am just amazed at how my children think and the things they come out with.

So my question to my readers is, what is the best line that your child/children have ever come out with? I would be really interested to read some other stories about the things their children come out with.

But until next time, i shall bid you all a farewell, i won't be doing any posts over the weekend so i hope everyone has a great weekend and i shall resume my blogging on Monday! until then take care.

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