Tuesday, 25 October 2011


As the image above states, rejection is something that starts from a very early age and you should get used to it but it is something i have never been able to handle all to well. Sure you tried but who in their right mind likes to be rejected.

I for one personally hate being rejected, i had been given a task from my Job Coach that i have been seeing over the last few weeks to give companies a call and see if it would be possible to get what we call in Sweden a Praktikplats basically translated it means a Practice Place. So what happens is you find a company willing to give you a praktikplats and then you go and work there for around 3 months, you don't get paid from the company but the government themselves give you a small pay, it isn't much something like 50kr per week or something there abouts but you get experience which is what most companies look for when you are looking for work.

Well today i decided to sit down, phone in hand and start making some phone calls, i had written up a list of about 7 different companies that seemed to interest me in terms of what they did and what i'm interested in (all of them pretty much computer related since i'm a computer geek) but let's just say it did not go well at all, keep in mind that i am still learning Swedish and although people say my Swedish is great i still feel very self-conscious when speaking to people, but i put that aside and gave it my all.

7 different companies, 7 different no's, i have to admit that most of them were really nice about it and explained to me why they couldn't take on a praktikplats, but it still didn't make the rejection any better. Even having it in the back of my mind that it would happen didn't make it better, the reason i had it in the back of my mind was because my Job Coach had said to me to try but expect alot of them to just say no without even considering it because that's just how it is but it made me feel utterly crap.

But i tried i guess and that is all i can do, at least when i go to my meeting with my Job Coach on Friday i can say yes i did it, and i tried my hardest and see if there is anything she is able to do since she said last time we met that she would also try and get me a Praktikplats and with her being a job coach that it might be a lot easier for her to get me one than me phoning up random companies, but i wanted to try and although i didn't succeed and feel really bad right now, i'm still pretty proud of myself for doing it. Phoning and talking to people about things like this has never been my strong suit, not even in English so to go out and do it in Swedish is just even better.

I didn't succeed but i haven't given up either, i am sure that something will come up i just need to keep fighting.

But until next time... I shall bid you all farewell... 

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