Monday, 3 October 2011

Why Does Ben Have Dirt On His Face.

So the other week i was taking a nice relaxing nap on the couch, well i should say i was trying to take a nice relaxing nap. For people who haven't read about Me & My Family i live in what can only be described as a ZOO. We currently have 3 children, 2 cats and a Siberian Husky, i'm pretty sure if we get any more pets or children i could probably open up for admissions to my house to view the creatures that live inside.

But back to the story at hand, so as i was trying to take a relaxing little nap on the couch, i hear the faint words being asked by Alexander to Marie, "Why does Ben have dirt on his face?" i was rather confused by this question since i hadn't been out the house since the early hours of the morning to take the kids to school and i was pretty damn certain that i hadn't rolled around in the mud on the way there or the way back.
Then Marie came back with the answer to my curiosity "That isn't dirt, he just hasn't shaved in a few days, when you grow up you will have get that too".

I am pretty sure that i have never heard nor seen anyone more disgusted when he replied "No, i don't want that, it looks dirty!" I couldn't help but have a little chuckle to myself inside. The poor boy honestly thought that my lazy ass had dirt all over my face, what i still can't understand is why is this the first time he has mentioned it. I mean i am not the most clean shaven person on a regular basis, i have no idea why i don't because for my Christmas Marie had bought me a electric shaver so that i could do it in the morning and it would only take me a few minutes, but i guess that is where the laziness comes into play.

It's not that i don't want to be clean shaven, because deep down i really do. It's just when i get around to do it, it is more like a chore than anything else. I should however just shave my scruffy self and then keep on top of it with the electric shaver but i guess the thought is much more appealing than the action.
Of course when i get myself a job i will be clean shaven everyday, that's a given but right now it is only my family that see me this way and occasionally friends on Skype so i don't really bother.

Although after hearing his comment, maybe it is time to turn over a new leaf and start shaving on a regular basis so that my child doesn't think that i am walking around with dirt on my face.

But until next time i bid you all farewell...

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