Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New Hat!

I'm a baseball cap type of guy, always have been since i was younger, or well not to young i think i started wearing a baseball cap when i was about 13 i think. The reason behind not wearing one any younger was because i had a really bad thing about my ears, i always thought they were to big and remember referring to them on many occasions as dumbo ears, infact sometimes i still actually do.

But like i said when i was about 13 i think i started to get more into them, it seemed like it was the fashion and everyone was doing it so i jumped on the bandwagon and began to wear one too, and up until now i have never left the house without it. Actually before i moved here and at the start when i was living in Sweden i refused to take it off entirely, i would wear it all day everyday and only took it off to have a shower, bath and go to bed.

Something recently changed though, after watching the first season of New York Ink, the TV show about tattoo artists in the NYC area, i noticed that the lead tattooer and the shop owner who is none other than Mr Ami James was wearing a different type of hat, something i like to refer to as "The Grandad Hat"

Now the reason i always referred to this as "The Grandad Hat" was simply because whenever i seen a old man who was wearing a hat, it was always one of these, hence the name. But after seeing Ami James sport one of these i actually thought to myself how cool it actually looked and immediately turned around and told Marie "That hat is so cool, i so want one of those"
Now i wouldn't say i was a fashionable type of guy, i'm the type of gent that wears the normal T-Shirt, Jeans & Trainers and that is about as fashionable as i get, although back when i was about 17 i did used to always wear a nice shirt and a pair of jeans with my trainers. Something my mum always thought i looked really smart in when i was out, and seeing as this was my whole outfit on a daily basis it made me feel good inside, but of course that has changed and i have gone back to the old t-shirt and jeans.

So on the weekend we decided that we would take a family trip into town, do a little shopping have a coffee and something to eat at a local café and generally just have a nice day out, but i was on another mission the mission was to find one of these hats and purchase it. Marie had recalled that she had seen them in one of our local clothing stores called H&M and we took a trip into there and found them, i instantly fell in love and found one that would fit and bought it.
My daughter immediately started to laugh when i put it on, thinking that i look absolutely ridiculous with it on, but i don't care i think it looks awsome and i'm going to wear it with pride, however seeing as i now have my stylish cool hat, Marie now reckons that i need to completely change my appearance altogether which means no more jeans & t-shirts but instead i need to now get myself some shirts and go back to my old look. I don't really mind this if i'm honest as i used to feel good when leaving the house in a shirt and jeans, but i hate shopping, and i especially hate cloth shopping. But i guess i'm just going to have to bite the bullet as they say and go and do it.

Damn i look awsome in my new hat!

I would ask that you ignore the stupid look on my face, i was sitting on Skype to my parents at the time when Marie decided it would be a great time to take some pictures of me, and for some stupid reason i think i'll just blame my mum i cannot take good pictures no matter what, my eyes always make me look like i'm drunk and i have no idea what was going on with my lips.

So what do you think? You think i sport this awsome looking hat well?

Until next time, i hope you all have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Dude, you are so hot :)

Anonymous said...

I meant to say, this hat looks different on ami's head, i am searching for this hat too and uncle google sent me here on your blog