Wednesday, 21 September 2011

He Just Refuses.

Well the day finally came and we could say goodbye to Alexander's cast, i got to say and maybe it's wrong of me being a parent and all, but i was so happy when Monday came around and we could cut the damn thing off. Not that it was much of a problem to deal with him, but having to push the wheelchair up that staircase on a daily basis for 3½ weeks just killed me.
Perhaps that actually says more about me, and the fact i need to get back into shape, or at least get to a shape that doesn't consist of weighing 93kg (205lbs).

Marie had told me that on the way back from school on Monday, he was telling Max our other son how he was going to run and run so fast that Max wouldn't be able to catch him and continued to tell him all the other fun stuff he was going to do now that it was time for his cast to be removed.

However the reality was alot more different, instead of running around and jumping up and down and doing everything he said he was going to do, he has instead decided that he can't walk still or at least not properly, so instead of walking normally he places the foot that was broken onto it's toes and then hops on it until his other foot lands. Basically limping along, we have tried everything to explain to him that nothing will happen if he tries to walk normally, but instead of trying he just stands there and comes out with things like "I don't want to".
Trying to show him that he is already putting all his weight on that foot anyway just doesn't seem to sink in to him, i'm just not to sure what to do next but leave him to it and hope that in the next coming days that he just decides to try.

Even when Marie spoke to the after-school personal yesterday when collecting him how he had been, since it was his first full day without his crutches and wheelchair, they said that he had not attempted once to walk on it normally and was just limping around, and if he was going to go from one room to another instead of even walking he would crawl instead.

I have to admit that i do feel sorry for him still, i think it's a shame he is obviously still a bit scared that if he tries to walk normally that his foot might break again, but at the same time and i guess this is where the bad parent comes out of me, i think he is just being silly, and needs to just do it.

I have tried all forms of motivation and so has Marie but nothing seems to work, and if i am honest i got a bit annoyed with him yesterday while walking up to the school, since what is normally a healthy 10/15 minute walk turned into nearly a 20/25 minute walk.
Granted there is no rush to get up there, but i just couldn't stop myself being aggravated at him for not trying. I realise that this is the wrong thing to do, but i think it's just my nature and one of my many flaws as a person/parent.

Anyone had any experience with this before? and if so how did you deal with it and handle it. This is the first time any of my children have broken anything, and i have absolutely no idea about how to deal with things after the fact, we have been assured from the doctor at Marie's work that his foot has healed now and he should have no problems walking on it but still he refuses.
So if anyone has any tips or tricks to help us out, please feel free to drop me a comment below.

But until next time, take care everyone!

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