Thursday, 8 September 2011

Stupid After School Care

Yesterday Marie came into the house absolutely raging yesterday, initially i thought it was because she was missing her cigarettes but how wrong was i? Yesterday it was on of those days that was filled with nothing but heavy rain, and i'm not talking about a light drizzle of rain, i'm talking heavy heavy down pour and this continued all day and well into the night.

So when Marie returned home yesterday with the kids from the after school care raging i asked what was wrong to be informed that the idiots at the after school care had allowed our son Alex to go out in the pissing rain and play in the sand, why? because he asked if he could and apparently the staff up there don't have a brain that tells them that allowing a child at the age of 6 with a cast on his foot to play in the sand is stupid.

I mean seriously who in there right mind lets any child play in a sand pit when it's absolutely hammering down outside with rain? i have been sitting racking my brains since it happened, trying to figure out why and the only explanation i can come to is that they are all idiots up there.

Marie is constantly saying that i am never happy with any of the teachers or school personal since i always manage to find something wrong with them, but yesterday literally took the biscuit (some strange UK saying). It seems when i decide to give people a chance they just turn around and show me exactly why i thought they were incapable in the first place. I might have been a bit less angry at them if they had perhaps covered his cast in a plastic bag or something, you know something to keep his cast dry.

BUT...... yes you guessed correctly they didn't. They allowed him out in the rain and in the sandbox with his cast and nothing covering it to keep it dry.

Safe to say when i went up to drop them off this morning i grabbed Alexander and told him that he was not to go outside and play in the sandbox today if it was raining because it was stupid to do so with his foot not covered, and all the personal could say, was yes we have made note that he can't do that.
Honestly i would never hit a woman in my whole entire life, but when the woman from the school said that i seriously wanted to grab something and beat her over the head with it, but instead i just replied with that's great to hear it was a bit stupid for you to let him out there in the first place, to which she just sheepishly looked away from me with a grunt of hmm.

I don't know if i was a bit harsh, and i certainly don't want the personal up at the school to take a dislike to us but i feel that we were in the right, what do you think?


Daddy's in Charge? said...

You would think that people in the business of watching kids would have some sort of common sense WHEN IS COMES TO KIDS. I get annoyed at them all the time too.

Ben said...

Oh you do? well im glad it's not just a Swedish thing because i was beginning to think it was, i am always moaning about the Swedish Education System, but it's nice to know that it happens in America too.

I'm sure there interviews go something along the lines of:
Interviewer: "Have you got a brain"
Interviewee: "Nope"
Interviewer: "Great your hired!"

Bob ButterBottom said...

maybe they couldn't understand the scottish accent. how old are they at the day care? If they are over 22, they are in fact morons.

Ben said...

That might explain it Bob if i wasn't infact speaking Swedish to them with is there native language, so i don't think that was the reason.
And yes they are WELL over the ages of 22 so i don't think that is a viable reason for them being idiots either.

Daddy Knows Less said...

Been there, bud. And I've bit my tongue. Just because you don't know if these people will take it out on your kids.

Ben said...

That was the reason i felt a bit odd after i referred to them as stupid, but the kids haven't mentioned anything so i guess that isn't the case, although i don't think they would dare.

I believe the Swedish are a little intimidated by me, being Scottish and all and i don't think any of them want to feel the wrath of a Angry Scot :)