Monday, 26 September 2011


There is few words in the English language that annoy my fiancée Marie who is Swedish if you didn't already gather since i'm now living over here. There is a few but they mainly annoy her for the simple fact that she finds them hard to pronounce and in all honesty most of these words even i have trouble with.
However if there was one word that i think she could choose that she absolutely hates, loathes and despises it would have to be the word "WHATEVER".

I should perhaps invest in one of these for Marie?
Why you may ask? well it's one of the words that i use very frequently, i always believed that women as a whole enjoyed having control, me? i'm the laid back guy who doesn't really care all that much about things like décor, dinner and things like that and as i said i always thought women loved being able to choose stuff like that themselves. But Marie? she hates it worse than anything in the world.

So the other day when we were discussing what we should have for dinner and our son Max decided to hop on my bandwagon of i don't know, so just whatever you find is fine set her off the edge i think.

The whole situation started off last Wednesday, Marie had been at work all day and returned but hadn't bought anything for dinner, yes we are one of those family's that normally buy dinner on a daily basis, i know it's a little bit stupid but sometimes that's just how things pan out, but after speaking to me and me giving the normal response of, i have no clue what to have for dinner just pick up whatever she decided that perhaps the twins might be able to help with our little dilemma.

Upon asking Alexander what he would like for dinner seeing as it was just myself, Marie and the twins home that day (Mikaela, our oldest daughter was staying in town with her gran because she had majorettes practice) he decided he wanted pizza from the pizzeria, this was a no go of course because myself and Marie had already planned to do this on Friday as a little treat and something for us to do as a family. But Alex being his normal self stuck to his guns and refused to budge from Pizza.

Seeing as we had no luck with him Marie then proceeded to ask Maximus: 

Marie: "So Max, seeing as nobody else in the house has any idea's for food what would you like for dinner tonight?"
Max: "I don't know"
Marie: "So you have no idea at all what you would like?"
Max: "Whatever...."

I could see the little glint of red in Marie's eyes as the words left his lips, i honestly thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown, but instead decided to inform me that he was indeed my child, maybe not by blood but 100% by personality. I couldn't do anything but laugh my ass off, i know it probably didn't help the situation but i just couldn't help myself, safe to say Marie was not amused and just left the house leaving myself and the boys laughing about it while she once more had to venture up to the local shop here and find something.

Unfortunately we ended up with sausage and chips for dinner, which well wasn't exactly the best in the world, kinda boring if i have to be honest, but i guess that is what happens when you don't tell someone what you want for dinner.

Is there something out there that you absolutely hate hearing that is similar to this story, i would love to hear it so drop me a comment and let's all share that word that really irritates us to the bone.

But for now i shall bid you all a good day, take care everyone.

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