Thursday, 1 September 2011

I'm The Housework King!

Oh if it only that statement was true, housework would be alot more fun i can tell you that. But jesus what a day i've had today, i mean i don't like to boast or anything but i am the housework king! maybe even a god? who knows all i know is that i've been rocking this housework crap for the last week and surprisingly been enjoying it. Am i mad?

I came to realise at the start of the week after our big Sunday clean that we normally do that we were wasting our weekends or at least Marie was wasting her weekend cleaning all Sunday long to make the house all nice again, and i came to realise if i do everything the same day it happens then we could simply just chill out and do nothing all weekend but enjoy the kids and each other (haha like that's really going to happen).

So i hear everyone say well didn't you already do that, since you spend 99.9% of your time at home anyways while Marie is away to work, and the answer to that question is LAZY B**TARD. I think i have been that, believe it or not i'm a gigantic clean freak i mean i hate mess, i personally blame my mum for it since she is also one of these freaks that gets up at 7am in the morning, has a quick cup of coffee and then starts hoovering and cleaning the house from top to bottom, honestly sometimes when you walk in her house you would think you were walking into a showroom it's that clean. So i honestly don't know why i have never decided to do housework on a daily basis. 
It's not like i didn't do anything and left Marie to it all, i would hoover and as you have read previously about my rug hate that was no simple task.

Well let me tell you i think today i kicked everything into high gear, i got up at my normal time of 5am with Marie and done my normal crap around the computer, eventually i grabbed the kids up and took them up to school, since Alex has broken his legs i have found out that those stairs i was going on about in a earlier post has a friend who is also a new nemesis of mines, it's called a fricken steep road and when your pushing a 20+ kg child up there you wish you could just roll over and die.
So once i had taken the kids i came back and decided that before i did anything i would have a little nap, you know daddy naps are awsome when you don't have a fiancĂ©e and kids in the house to ask you if your sleeping every five minutes lol. 

But after my nap i decided it was time to rock and roll, i got out the hoover and 
vacuumed all the downstairs, yes i know i should have done the upstairs to, but i'll do that tomorrow ok so get off my back. i also attacked the bathroom again and got that completely spotless, including the bath i might add (i know, i know, i rock!) and then i cleaned up the kitchen. So once more the house is spotless, believe it or not since i had kept on top of it all this week it took only about 45 minutes to get all that done.

But after i had finished with all that cleaning, i decided that i should really get the grass cut, Marie had done it a week or so ago, but for some reason i'm guessing due to the heavy rain we have had and then the bursts of sun in between that the damn thing to decided to grow like it was on some sort of growth hormone, i expected it take me at least a couple of hours even though it wasn't that long but i seemed to be on some sort of spree today as within 30-45 minutes it was cut down as well.

So this week i have learned some valuable lessons about housekeeping and that is if you do it when it needs done it doesn't build up and you have to waste ours on end doing it later.



mum said...

I have been telling you that for years now if you keep on top of you household chores then it make life a lot more simpler :) so if your the King of you household cleaning then I must be a super Queen to mine haha but I have to say one thing to you my wonderful Son stop calling me a cleaning Freak their is nothing wrong with liking a nice a clean and tidy house lol



Ben said...

Hahah i didn't freak in the bad sense, i meant it in the good sense ;)

mum said...

I know you didn't mean it in a bad sense but I didn't think you could get that meaning in a good sense lol

nicci said...

i love tht mummyz has drummed tht in2 u n laken as laken is the only 1 person tht comes in2 ma house n tidys up after her self, puts her cup away n tidys up ect even if i tell her not 2 its gr8 si much respect love her and her respect lots so cheers mummyz :) <3 xxx

Sephira said...

you first realized that now uncle ben? :D a little at a time is always golden :P

but yay go you "king"

Cami said...

Ahahah...I'm sorry but I love that graphic you put up. It's laugh...or is it??

Thanks for the giggle :D

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Ben said...

Haha what one Cami? the one of the hoover or the grass? i loved the hoover one i think i turned into a little boy again and started giggling when i read it.. if only it was true lol!