Saturday, 3 September 2011

He Made Me Doubt Myself All Day.

It really amazes me even now how children are able to make their parents doubt themselves, even if you think you are 100% correct on your judgement you still end up having something in the back of your mind niggling away at you as to whether you are right or not.

This happened to myself and my partner Marie yesterday with our little boy Alexander, as everyone knows by now my little boy broke his left foot about a week and a half ago and yesterday he woke up at 6am (Myself and Marie were already up) crying that he was in pain, funnily enough a few minutes before he started crying we heard a large bang on the wall to his bedroom.

So when i went in to see what was wrong with him, he said that he was in extreme pain in his foot so after asking where he was in pain he showed us that it was on the side of his foot, because of the bang against the wall we thought to ourselves that he had just knocked it against the wall and that was what had caused the pain so we gave him some medicine and took him up and got him to sit on the couch, we were in two minds whether or not to take him back into hospital but something inside of me was saying that he was playing on it, because only a few minutes after he was up he was acting fine again. Until Marie came back through from the kitchen and he started his sobbing.

Marie had asked me to get his attention and while he was looking at me Marie pressed down on various points of his foot and guess what no reaction, so we decided that we would send him School and i had said to him that if he was still in pain by the time lunch had passed that he could ask his teacher to phone me and i would come up and get him from school.

Shortly after 14:20 my mobile phone began to rang and it was the school, saying that he had been fine all day but was now complaining he was once more in pain in his foot again so off to went to pick him and his brother up, school had actually finished and he was at the after-school program so it was no issues, but i decided that since i thought he was playing on it i would take him down the long staircase that leads down from school to where we live instead of taking him down the long road, lets just say all the way down instead of crying he was in pain he was laughing his head off, so once more i was left feeling like there was nothing wrong and infact he was playing on it.

But sure to form as soon we entered the house and i placed him back on the couch and Marie came through he once more began to sob and complain that he was once more in pain, so i fetched some more medicine for him while Marie began with our dinner. Safe to say after a few minutes the pain had once more vanished and everything was fine up until bed time, i had advised Marie when we came in that she should perhaps change the bandage on his foot, since the night before he "apparently" had all this pain she had changed the bandage around the cast.

So once more he began to cry that he was in pain, this time the pain had moved from the side of the foot to the top of the foot, so Marie went away and fetched some "new" medicine, unknown to Alexander this was simply a tablespoon worth of water which he was told was special mummy medicine that takes away every pain in the world, but to put our minds at ease we decided we would change the bandage on his cast again and this time literally just placed it on there.

Without a word of a lie, after five minutes of giving him the "special" medicine and changing his bandage he was right as rain again, no pain anywhere, not even when we pressed down on places he had complained with  in agony.

But it still amazes me that a child can make you doubt yourself so easily, even if you are 100% sure he/she is just playing on it, they have this special way of making you think otherwise. I'm just so happy that there wasn't anything wrong and that my gut feeling was correct, but you never know do you?

The Broken Foot.
Has this ever happened to you? share your tales with me.


mum said...

thats the joy's of being a parent even though you do know the child is playing on it you have a thing inside you saying maybe you are wrong this time but in the end you know yourself you were right all along believe me I often had testing times like that with you and laken so I have to say all kiddies are the same if it means they are getting there own way and all the attention is on them and nobody else

Daddy's in Charge? said...

When my kids were younger I would always think something was wrong.... Now that they are getting older I can usually tell when they ate playing things up. Tricky little bastards!