Sunday, 18 September 2011

Site Updated & New Facebook Page.

Sometimes Sundays is a great time to just sit back and relax and do nothing right? and sometimes Sundays are a great time to make some changes, seeing as my little boys were away to their dads for the weekend, i thought today would be a great day to make some changes and the main change i made was to my blog.

I had been sitting for a few weeks now thinking that i should really update the blog a bit as it was looking a bit outdated and just generally not as good as i think it could have been so i spoke to Marie my fiancée who normally deals with all the ins and outs of my blog and asked if she could update it for me and make some changes, and well this is what she has come up with.
To be honest looking back at my old blog design and colour scheme, i have no idea why i liked it in the first place, it was pretty good but i think this design and colour scheme is alot better than before. More professional perhaps and certainly alot cleaner looking.

On top of making all these changes to the layout and general design of the blog i had Marie change my comments as well and decided to install Disqus, the main reason for this, is alot of people said that it had alot better functionality than the default blogger comments design, so i'm going to give it a little try out and see how things go with it.

Along with all the above blog changes i decided that i would make myself my very own Facebook Page as it seems that alot of bloggers are doing this now, or have been doing it for a while. It will also probably save me from spamming my personal page with new blog posts etc, so if your a normal follower of my blog and like to keep up to date then show me some love and head over to Facebook and like the page for me, the more people that follow me the happier i will be, or the angrier than normal. Either way you should do it, i would love to create a little community on there.

But i think that is all for just now folks, i have a really important meeting tomorrow with my job coach, it's actually the first ever meeting i'm going to have and i must admit i am quite nervous about it, but i am sure things will go fine. For some reason she decided that we would meet at the local library in Lidköping which is a bit how can i put it..... stupid, since it means that we will be unable to have coffee or anything and sitting for a hour or so without being able to drink anything is going to be a challenge.
However i will let you all know how it goes tomorrow when i come home i guess, but for now i think i will head off and watch some television and relax and get myself prepared for the day ahead tomorrow.

So let me know what you think of the new design.

Until next time....

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