Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Last Week, Thank God.

Firstly i would like to apologise for the lack of blogging over the last few days, basically i haven't really been in the mood and on top of that nothing has really been happening. I have spent most of my time over the last few days just lying around the house watching TV and playing computer games to keep myself amused.

But anyway let's get back to the topic at hand, finally we have reached the last week of Alex in his cast, i say thank god because it's been a absolute nightmare if i'm truly honest. Not the fact he has the cast on but more along the lines of it's a pain in the ass to push that damn wheelchair he has up the hill to school, i know i am not the fittest person in the world, infact i could probably be described as a pie eating son of a bitch.

I don't think i'm the only one though, i think Alex himself is had enough of his cast, he's actually done really well and has completely mastered his crutches, but obviously he can't use them for to long as his little arms start to ache but he's done really well with them i have to admit, it's actually quite amusing to watch him cause he can now build up some amount of speed on them.

But i think that is enough for today, i am a little bit hungry so waiting for Marie to come home so we can get some dinner and then a night relaxing on the couch, with perhaps a movie or two. So until next time!


Sylvia said...

Yay for Alex getting his cast off! Poor little guy probably can't wait to be free from it.

Daddy's in Charge? said...

Thats good news! But you are better read when you are ANGRY. You are THE ANGRY SCOT for crying out loud, its what we expect!

Ben said...

Oh just wait until tomorrow mate, then you are going to see the post rant from hell!