Monday, 5 September 2011

A Interesting Week Upon Us.

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Well finally after months of nagging my fiancée i finally managed to get her to make Chicken Fried Rice yesterday, i used to love getting it from our local chinese place back in Scotland and i haven't had it for such a long time so i had been asking Marie to make it for me.

Unfortunately it didn't quite turn out exactly like the chinese restaurant makes it but it was pretty damn close and i personally thoroughly enjoyed it, could have used the prawn crackers to make it even better but it seems that you are unable to buy them here in Sweden which is a bit of a let down but oh well.

But as the title says it seems that this week will be turning into quite a interesting one to say the least, i finally received a letter from the Arbetsförmedlingen (Job Centre) so i have to go into town tomorrow for the appointment at 11am, quite annoying if i have to be honest about the time, since the train into town is something like 9am so i shall have to sit and wait around in town for a couple of hours before i can actually go in and speak to anyone, but i guess such is life.
I'm just hoping that everything goes well, if i have to be totally honest i am quite nervous about it. I just hope that i am able to put across everything i want to say good enough in Swedish for them to understand me, i know that my Swedish is pretty good but i always seem to get this mental block and get really nervous, i'm one of these stupid perfectionists you see, so whenever i have to try and speak the language to anyone i start second guessing myself about if i am using the correct ending to the word or tense.

But i am sure that i shall be fine, if the worst comes to the worst i'm pretty sure that they can speak English, although i would much prefer not to have to go down that route, i'm also hoping that the idiot from my last encounter with them isn't in tomorrow, i honestly don't know how i will handle him on my own. I was quite lucky last time to have Marie to back me up, but this time i'm going solo but i guess in the worst case scenario i could always just punch him in the face. (Ok maybe i won't do that, seeing as i would really like to gain employment and it may hinder my chances.)

Not only that but my fiancée Marie has decided that she will give up smoking, she has been at me trying to get me to stop with her, but i don't feel like this is the time for me to stop, i just don't want to. I'm aware that it would be good financially and of course great for my health, but right now i am just not ready for it. Maybe in time i will be as i really don't feel like smoking for the rest of my life but right now it just isn't going to happen.
I'm just dreading that with Marie stopping that she is going to turn into a living nightmare to live with, i have stopped once before for about a month and i know how hard it is to stop, even when you really want to and i also know the type of moods you find yourself in, but i suppose that it will be worth it in the long run, and if all else fails there is always outside to run to.

So why not head over to her blog and wish her the best of luck, you can read her post about it >HERE<

But for now i think i will head off and get some housework done, since i am the housework king, i shall update tomorrow with the progress of this appointment, cross your fingers for me that it goes well.


mum said...

all the best for tomorrow
love you loads Mum xx

Sylvia said...

Good luck on your appointment! And good luck to Mie! I was a smoker all throughout my teenage years and early 20s, but I quit when I got pregnant and never started again.

Ben said...

Hehe thanks Sylvia, i'm actually currently writing my blog post on the appointment right now :)