Friday, 23 September 2011

I Got Featured.

I can't believe it, i opened my e-mail account the other day to be spammed like crazy from the website It is one of those websites that you can place your blog on so that more people can see you and perhaps come and visit and maybe drop you a comment or two, and apparently every week the people that run the website picks a few websites to be featured on their main page.

I was absolutely shocked to have been picked for this week's featured blogs but also honoured, it's really nice to be recognized and don't know anyone in the world that doesn't feel the same.

Unfortunately i changed my twitter account name recently from @ben_moffat to @TheAngryScot and for some reason i am unable to login to their website anymore using my twitter account, this has become a bit annoying since after being a featured blog i have become quite popular on their website and have had alot of friends requests, comments left and private messages but am unable to respond to any of it. So i have contacted and am hoping that they will get back to me with a resolution very soon.

But i thought i would just share my news with everyone because i am absolutely delighted right now, i started out blogging only a few months ago because my fiancĂ©e thought i would be pretty good at it, and that it would save me spamming my Facebook & Twitter with my random thoughts and comments, but i didn't think that i would have so many people interested. Now im thirsty for more, of course i blog because i enjoy writing and i find it fun but getting recognition from other bloggers just drives you to want to do more, get featured more and do other fun things.

I have also recently been invited to another website called which has turned out to be another great experience and helped me get my blog out their so i would like to thank @Bobbutterbottom for recommending me, and of course to @Erinwallace  who is the tribe leader. Really happy that i joined the tribe and met so many lovely people.

But for now i will bid everyone farewell, and hope you all have a great day! Mines just got alot better!

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