Wednesday, 14 September 2011

When You Think, Things Can't Get Worse.

When you pay for a service you expect it to be the best that can be provided correct? but when that service involves your children you expect it to be exceptional, or at least that is what i expect. But the service we are currently getting from our after-school program located inside our local school here is anything but.

I decided after the whole Alexander and the playing outside with his cast on in the sand (you can read about it >HERE<) that i would give them another chance, as i thought i was a little bit harsh towards them on the matter of letting my son who has a cast on his foot play outside in the rain.

But it seems that once more when i decide to give these people another chance they go around and throw that chance right back in my face. So you are all probably wondering what the hell they have done this time? Well yesterday Marie came in from collecting the kids from school and said to me something along the lines off:

Marie: "Can you tell your son to stay in school?"
Me: "Which one?"
Marie: "The only one that can walk"
Me: "And why the hell will i tell him to stay in school? where the hell was he?"
Marie: "Apparently him and 2 other boys decided to take a little walk outside of the school, the teacher went after them after realising they had disappeared and found them under the underpass"

Now it's kind of hard to explain but if you remember my post about my Nemesis, you will get the basic idea of how far they were away from the school grounds, so you have the school on top of the hill, and then you have my nemesis the staircase from hell and then there is a small path not to sure how many yards it is maybe 500 yards or something around that, and then you have the underpass.
In terms of how long it takes to walk from school to the underpass? you are probably talking approximately 5 minutes walk, especially for a couple of young children.

Now i am not entirely sure how long it took for the after-school teacher to realise they had gone missing, or how long they had actually been gone for but i mean.... WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
We pay these people to take care of our children, and yet we find out one of our children has been 5 minutes outside of school grounds playing where there is a bloody busy road, not to mention you can't trust a single person in the world these days, ANYTHING COULD HAVE HAPPENED!.

Ok it wasn't entirely the schools fault, or the personal as the kids should not have decided to go walking out of grounds, but i know for one my son is only 6 years old and he is still learning right from wrong, but the teachers are well older than that and should have taught them by now that they are not allowed past X part of the school grounds, but NOOOOOOOOO they didn't.

Safe to say i was fucking angry as hell and seriously want to go up and smack them all about the head, but i decided that, that was probably not the best course of action, but if anything happens again and i mean the smallest thing the headmaster up there better have a god damn good explanation for it, otherwise she will face my wrath and a angry scottish person raging at you is not something you want i can guarantee you that.

I mean seriously, what type of fucking morons is this school employing, does there interviews go something along the lines off:

Interviewer: "Are you a complete and utter moron with a IQ of 3"
Interviewee: "Oh i can do better than that, im a complete moron but with the IQ of 1"
Interviewer: "PERFECT! your hired, welcome to the school"

So there you have it, once more i have given the school a chance and once more i have been slapped in the face with my chance, safe to say three strikes and your out, and they are already on strike two!


Daddy's in Charge? said...

Scary stuff... Why don't they have locks on the doors?

mumxxx said...

Personally I wouldn't even give them 3 strikes they have had two chances and when kids are involved I think they should be more responsible in the first place.I'm really surprised they haven't had the sharp end of your tongue yet I think for these after school care people they should be getting into some seriously shit and personally they should be fired they don't seem to have a responsible bone in their bodies if I say so myself Benji I think you should ask for there jobs and do a better job yourself they are a bunch of arseholes

Ben said...

They were outside playing DiC mate, and mum yea i know what your saying.

Sylvia said...

So this basically means that they were playing outside with no supervision. That's really, really ridiculous. Kids have stupid ideas all the time, that why you pay people to watch them. It's the adult's responsibility to make sure nothing happens to them. I agree with your mom, they are not doing their jobs and should be fired. What would the school have done if, god forbid, something did happen to one of the boys?