Thursday, 18 August 2011

I Have Met My Nemesis

So today i finally met my nemesis, ok before i continue lets just say that i'm a little out of training, infact since moving to Sweden i think i have gained something like 22.2kg (49lbs) in the space of five years. Have i done anything to loose the weight? or keep myself fit?

Well no. Am i being lazy? quite possibly yes.

But after the second day of taking the boys to the After-School program i think it's time that i actually start to get into shape and maybe do something about my keg of a beer belly because i don't think that my new nemesis is going to give me a easy time any time soon.

So your wondering what the hell is he talking about? what possibly could be so bad about taking the boys to the After-School program (or infact school on Monday)? well here is a picture for you that i think might answer all of your questions.

Alright so it doesn't look that bad does it? well trust me it continues.

As you can see once you have finished climbing the mountain of stairs you then have another small hill, which once you have finished with the stairs feels like you are climbing mount everest, safe to say it doesn't phase the boys in the slightest, but for me it feels like i have just walked 300,000 miles and i'm already ready to pass out once we reach the top.

To top it all off today as you can see was a very cold, wet, foggy, misty day, so walking to the school actually felt like i was walking in a horror movie, and then to put the cheery on top of the cake i had to go out and take another 45 minute walk with our husky in it, let's just say once i arrived home, i filled the dogs bowl with food & water and i went straight into the bedroom and collapsed on the bed. 

I mean seriously who's fricken brilliant idea was it to place a school on top of a hill? i bet the guy/lady who said oh lets build it up there were laughing there asses off at the thought of parents having to walk up there. Right now i guess it ain't that bad but i am seriously dreading when the winter hit soon and we get our 300 inches of snow on top of them.

I hate you stairs!!!
But i guess that the post for today, i'm now going to head off and have some dinner i think, followed by some relaxation with the wife, as it's going to be a busy day tomorrow, since we have to go into town and do the shopping plus get the boys birthday gifts / cake. I also need to go into the local job centre here and see what they can do to help me get out the house.

So for now, take care everyone!


Daddy's in Charge? said...

In the states it seems like every college is built on a hill. I had to walk more steps than I ever will for the rest of my life. Maybe they want people to be in shape. Who knows?

Ben said...

Quite possibly mate, but i don't really want to be forced into it :) But oh well i guess i'll just have to stick with it and think that every stair is a gateway to getting into shape.

Gill said...

Hah, Every house I lived in in leeds

Gill said...

(bloody child pressing return >.<) *was at the top of a stupid hill, and the one suitable one we found in Ireland is too >.< haha

Ben said...

haha i feel for you Gill, i'm just glad that tomorrow i don't have to go near the school as Marie is off work so she can take them to daycare!

And gogo Alex nuke that Enter button lol!

mum said...

get working out with Marie lol

Cami said...

Haha - this made me giggle!

Stairs aren't that bad ;) KEEP ON goin! Good luck ;)

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Saru Singhal said...

Seriously Man, who build that school? I'm dreading winters, it's going be difficult and risky. But yes, a good exercise for you:)

Sylvia said...

My high school was on top of a hill, so every morning it was climb the stairs out of the subway station and climb the stupid hill to get to school on time.

Ben said...

Oh i feel your pain Sylvia! i feel it soo bad :)