Friday, 5 August 2011

Plans Shot To Hell.

So i had big plans since it was the twins last day off that i would maybe try and do something with them today as they head off to their dads tomorrow for the weekend and don't come back until Monday afternoon, and then on Tuesday they start back at daycare for a week before beginning school.

But unfortunately with me being under the weather as they say with these stupid dizzy spells my plans all kind of went to shot, although i have to admit that i have been feeling alot better today then i was the rest of the week and touch wood (touches my head) i have not had any dizzy spells as of yet.

So pretty much the whole day has been spent with myself and the boys lying around the couch watching the cartoon network in the hopes that it amuses us, personally it doesn't amuse me in the slightest but as long as i keep bringing the boys juice they are happy little campers.

Safe to say once Marie came home, the twins decided that lying around on the couch with Pappa Ben was just not as much fun as it was and they decided that clowning around and getting up to stuff while we went out for our normal after work cigarette to catch up with what's been happening in the day.

So after a few warnings and being ignored they have both ended up in their bedrooms, not exactly the best end to a very wonderful and relaxing day but kids need to learn, ours more than most hehe, but boys will be boys i guess.
Alex sitting drinking his juice and watching TV.

Max sitting on the couch drinking his juice.

Don't ask what happened to the image quality cause i really have no idea, it seems my digital camera has decided to say up yours and not take the pictures properly, or perhaps it's a setting that's been turned on i have no idea, but oh well they are semi-decent at least.

As for my teenage daughter? well no clue what she is up to, she came down this morning to say her normal "Good Morning" and then i have not seen her since, so i gather she is sitting upstairs on her own laptop talking to friends on MSN and listening to music on Spotify.

But dinner is done, everyone's well fed and Mikaela is about to start baking, have no idea what she plans on baking this time but no doubt it will be good.

But i think for now i shall go away and lie on the couch once more and watch some TV with my hunny for a while.

Until next time, have a nice evening all.

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