Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Time Goes To Fast.

Ever woke up and wondered "wow where the hell has time gone?". Well this morning i found myself thinking that exact same thing, the main reason i came to thinking about this is because today is due to the fact my partner Marie's holiday is officially over and she has just headed off for her first day back at work. I mean she had 3 weeks vacation and already it's over? It feels like it was only yesterday she was breaking off work for it, and yet today she is away back to it.

I mean seriously where does the time go these days, i remember as a kid time dragging along, always waiting for Birthdays and Christmas's to come around or even the summer holidays from school and it felt like it took a lifetime for these to come, but these days it's like "oh it's Christmas" and then the next minute you turn around and all the snow has melted and its summer and then you turn around again and it's Christmas again, i just can't understand where it all goes.

It is the same for our twin boys, they broke off nearly 8 weeks ago now for their Summer Holiday's and already after this week is done, they will be heading back to daycare to finish off one last week there and then they head to SCHOOL! like how in gods earth is this at all possible.

Once more it feels like it was only yesterday i was sitting them in my lap as babies, feeding them yoghurt and having Alex through up on me cause i was bouncing him up and down on my lap (seriously not advised), and now my two little boys are going to be starting their first year at school.

Alright it's maybe not real school more like pre-school but they will still be attending the proper school we have up here, and if i have to be totally truthful the feeling just scares the shit out of me. I wish we could slow time down so we could actually enjoy life instead it comes across to me as we are in one big race and we cannot stop to even enjoy a second, because before you know it, it's all gone and your onto the next part of your life.

The same thing goes for my daughter Mikaela, when i moved over here she was 9 years old playing with BRATS dolls and listening to god awful kiddie music, where her only concern in life was if she was going out to play a friend today or not. And now she is 14 years old (going on 25) and is all about music, friends, cloths and make-up. Where instead of her worrying i myself am doing the worrying about how she's doing in school, what is she up when she's out with friends, is she trying out smoking or drinking?
I don't honestly believe she is trying out smoking or drinking, but at that age i believe every parent in the world begins to wonder what they're child is up to, especially if they live out in the middle of nowhere and their child is always hanging about inside town.

It just really amazes me where the time goes, will time continue this way? or will it slow down? or even worse will time speed up? Maybe it's the fact that i'm growing up so it feels this way, i really have no idea but only thing you can do is take one day at a time and live it the best way possible i guess and try and enjoy it the best you can.

Well seeing as it's only 6am here, and the kids are all still fast asleep in their bed's i think i will go and join them myself and head back to my own bed for another couple of hours sleep, before i have to get up and start to sort the kids out with breakfast and today's activity's. I'm still feeling slightly odd from yesterday's dizzy spell's so i have no idea what we shall get up to today but i'm sure i will find something to keep them amused. But for now i wish you all farewell and i shall try and update a bit more later. Cya folks.


Sarah said...

I've been thinking that time's moving by ridiculously fast lately too. I'm going to blame Doc Brown and his infernal time machine messing up the space-time continuum... and making time move quicker than it did when I was a kid!

Ben said...

Hey Sarah, and thanks for stopping by. I'm glad i'm not the only person in the world thinking this.

I think we should get everyone in the world together and hunt down this Doc Brown and break that damn time machine of his! i want time to go back to normal so i can enjoy life! lol..

Anonymous said...

We're in a slowdown right now around here, and I'm enjoying every second of it because I know it will speed back up soon enough!

Carri said...

You're right. Time FLIES when you get older. I always remember being bored as a kid. What I wouldn't give to be bored for five minutes! :)

Ben said...

Haha idd Carri, i was thinking the exact same thing, but then i couldn't get up to all the cool stuff i can now as a adult :)