Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Twins First Football Match.

Alex & Max's Team
Earlier in the week i wrote about the twins football (soccer if your from the states) training, where they were both invited to take part in the local cup they have here called "Järpås Cupen". 

The cup itself is aimed only for the small children which is quite nice although upon reaching our local football field we came to realise that our little five year old twins and their team (built up of children aged between five and eight) would be facing off again three other teams all aged eight, to be honest i found this pretty unfair but it's for kids so you can't complain all that much.

Due to the fact the the Järpås team have quite a few children that play and wanted to play they split them up into two teams of five which was great, because it meant the twins themselves would be split up, Alex was given his white team shirt and Max was given the red team shirt, so all shirted up and ready to go the boys set off with their separate teams to get ready for there upcoming games.

Alexander was the first one to set off for his first ever game.

Alex running to try and get the ball.
Unfortunately they lost their first game but it didn't stop them from trying, but then it was Max's team that took the field against their first opponent.

Max getting ready for the free kick.
So the day continued and they played i think around 8 matches in total against various different football clubs from around the area but at around 12:00 noon we all had a break from the fun activity and had was the Swedish like to call "Fika" (which basically translates into, a drink and something to eat).

After a couple of sandwiches and something to drink, followed by my twins favorite thing in the world "candy" they headed back onto the field for some more games.

What i really find amazing is that once they have finished a game they make all the children that has taken part in the game to line up together and clap at the other team, a kind of thank you for a fun time type thing, before they go up and shake each others hand. I just find this brilliant, as it really teaches the children what sportsmanship is all about

The after game Thank You (Järpås White Vs. Järpås Red)
Although the both teams got defeated in nearly every game, all the children that took part got a medal and a certificate which was awsome, and they really enjoyed themselves alot which is all that matters when it comes to children and sports.


mum said...

I really think thats brilliant how all the kids get a medal and certificate even though they never won :)

Ben said...

Well the only person that kept track of the scores was the referee i think, maybe some of the other team coaches (who were a bit OTT, think i might right a another post about that tomorrow) but yea :) it was just for fun for us!

Crystal Lynn said...

Hi, I am following you via the blog hop. You have such a great blog and your kids are adorable!

Ellen said...

Love watching little children play soccer/football. Their enthusiasm for the game is contagous. Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I"m your newest follower. ~ Ellen