Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Ritual Is Broken.

Up until i would probably say the last week i have a pretty strict ritual when it comes to the boys and getting up and going to school but it seems this last week the boys have decided that our routine is no longer cool to be done anymore.

Let me explain how the routine normally goes.
  1. Get up and ready for school (The kids eat breakfast up there)
  2. Walk up to the school
  3. Get to school, take the kids jackets, shoes and bags etc off and hang them up
  4. Say goodbye, normally with a hug and kiss and i love you have a great day
But it seems that the whole goodbye with a hug, kiss and i love you is no longer the in thing to do, since when is it no longer cool to kiss, hug and say i love you to your kids when your leaving them for the day. Alright granted i do it in front of their teacher and most of the kids attending their class but surly there parents do the exact same thing to them?

I recall no longer than 3 weeks ago when i was taking up to daycare that i couldn't even get out the daycare door without them running up for there goodbye kiss, hug and i love you and now i am faced with a half asses hug and a refusal to even acknowledge that i have said anything to them other than goodbye. I try and give them a kiss goodbye like i have done since the day i started taking them up to daycare and these days i am given the top of their head to kiss which they quickly wipe off.

I would understand if they were a bit older, but they are both only 6 years old so has the age limit of your parents telling you they love you and showing some affection in public been reduced since i was a child?

So is it just my kids or is this the new norm for every kid these days?


Bob ButterBottom said...

Its you, you are a terrible father. Haha. My guys, especially the 6 year old are very on and off with the physical stuff. Last year when Henry went to the bus (then 5), he did not want me around and started going by himself. Now that he's 6, he wants me to walk him to the stop and Turner who is 5 doesn't want me around.
Its fine, I hold grudges a long time, they'll get theirs.

Ben said...

Haha, yea i guess it's just how it is mate. I have alot of stuff to get back at them about when they grow into teenagers, something about keeping me up from 2am in the morning all the way to 6am with non stop screaming and stuff.. oh revenge will be sweet!

Sylvia said...

They have to be cool in front of their new friends. I wouldn't take it personally. I know I'll probably cry when that happens to me. I don't want my baby to grow up!

Nicole Mariana said...

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Frugal in WV said...

My youngest started kindergarten two weeks ago and now he doesn't want to give me a hug or a kiss at the bus stop because other kids are watching :) New follower from the give a hoot wednesday hop, have a great evening! You can find me at

Silverfaerie said...

My kiddo is 15 and I really don't remember when it all started with him....seems like ages ago though. I am lucky though, because at least when he calls me to see if he can spend yet another evening with a friend instead of his "so boring I can't stand to be around her for the few hours she's home every day" mom, he always says "I love you" without me having to threaten him first.

It isn't personal though, it is merely your children learning to be independent and also to fit in with the other kiddos who are older. Remember those days, when coming off as older than you are was half the battle? Now it's all about being younger.

It does hurt though. It hurts when they first do it. It hurts when they've already been doing it for the past few years. And in my experience, it always 'feels' personal even when I know it isn't.

Ben said...

@Everyone: Yea i guess you are all right, i won't take it personally because hey kids will be kids, it was just a bit of a shock seeing as they would always run after me screaming for their kiss and cuddle but oh well.

They have to grow up sometime right?

Laken said...

Nah I think it's you. lol :D
I think it's different when you have boys as they want to grow up quicker and be all manly as a girl shows more affection for a while longer.
But I still stick to my original statement :P