Monday, 1 August 2011

Day 18: A Photo Of Your Favorite Room In Your House

A favorite room in my house? well there is only one room that i spend pretty much all my days in and that would be our livingroom, unfortunately i don't have a up to date picture of the room and i can't be bothered to go take the camera and take a new one so you can all have a 4 year old one from when we first moved in hehe. Sorry guys i know i'm lazy but hehe what you going to do?

My Livingroom 4 Years Ago
In all honesty not much has changed in 4 years except where we have everything, for the example the TV is now where the couch was and the couch is where the TV was other than that everything is the same. Oh we changed that damn rug too but turns out its just ass bloody annoying as that one was!

The main reason i choose this room was because, i spend pretty much 99% of my day in it, i sit here with the family and watch TV and have dinner, myself and Marie lie around on the couch watching TV shows and Movies when the kids are off to bed and this is where i do all my gaming and raiding.

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