Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Quite Depressing Really.

It's quite funny to think that this time last year i was pulling my hair out wishing that the kids would go back to daycare and school and yet i found myself this morning walking back from dropping the twins off at their first day back at daycare thinking i wish they weren't going back yet.

Although admittedly they were a complete and absolute nightmare last year (going through one of those terrible 4 phases or whatever you want to call them) but this year it's just been a absolute delight to have them home with me, but i guess everything needs to go back to normal at some point.

Marie started back to work last week and the twins back to daycare this week, i still have Mikaela home with me for the next two weeks before she goes back to school as well but right now she's in town with her grandparents as they took her away yesterday so i don't expect her back until at least 5pm tonight, so it seems it's just myself, Kaiser and the two cats left in the house on our own.

As i said before last year i would be jumping around partying by now and thinking about all the wonderful things i can do now that i'm back to being alone, like just sitting around all day playing WoW or talking to people online, but yet i find myself bored out my mind thinking of things to do because quite simply i just don't have the lust to sit around online all day anymore, have i grown up? perhaps or perhaps five years of doing the same thing day in day out has finally taken its toll on me.

So what can i get up today? not much in all honesty, i still have the last 3 books in the "A Game Of Throne" series to get through so i think i might take a small morning nap since i was up at 5am this morning with Marie and then get up and just lie around the couch with the puppy and read my book, i have big plans of going into town and visiting the job centre again to see if they are able to help me out with a course or something, if not then i shall be looking into going back to SFI (Course for learning Swedish) to finish up the course i was on there just for something to do. But these things can't be done until next week.

But i have come to realise that i need to do something, because right now i feel that sitting around the house playing the stay at home dad is just not something that appeals to me anymore, not that there is anything wrong with being a stay at home dad, i'm pretty sure if you have lots of things to do during a day then it can be quite fulfilling but when you find yourself in the same situation as i am currently, where actually dropping the kids of at daycare & school to find yourself coming home to a empty house is more depressing than fun, i mean there is only so much stuff you can do in one day to keep yourself amused. 

But i think that is enough depression for this morning lol, i think i shall shoot off and maybe take that morning nap before getting up doing some stuff around the house followed up by a day of sitting around reading my book.

Until later, take care folks and i hope your day is more fulfilled than mines.

I Miss My Little Boys <3


Mie said...

Aww poor hubbie!!
You're sooo lonely...
If you get to bored you can always clean the house.
But maybe you ain't THAT bored^^
Love ya loads!!!

Mom Daughter Style said...

thanks for the follow, now following you back.

I hope you are feeling better. I would probably feel the same if my daughter starts school.

very cute picture by the way.

Ben said...

Hehe thanks very much Mom Daughter Style, really appreciate the comment :)

Life,Twins,DramaQueen said...

Following you back Thanks for stopping by :)