Friday, 12 August 2011

The Kids Football Training

Boys walking to football practice.
On Tuesday the twins football practice began again, luckily for myself and Marie the boys actually remembered because we forgot all about it.
I'm a firm believer that all children should take part in some sort of activity and because the twin boys are only 6 years old the only thing really available to them at the moment is Football, so we enrolled them into that and for the most part they seem to actually enjoy it.

The pre-training pep talk
The boys practising ball control. 
I love how Max (Black Top) swings his arms as he's trying to control the ball.
For some reason though, half way through the training session our other twin Alexander decided that football really wasn't something he was interested in anymore, instead he set his sights on trying to impress the coach's little girl instead, by fixing her hair. Although i get the impression the coach wasn't actually that impressed with some little boy trying to pick up his 5 year old girl but oh well.

Here let me fix your hair.
Alex, leave my daughter alone please and play football!
Unfortunately it wouldn't be a day out without one of our boys being injured and true to form Max managed to be the one to be hit by the ball, thankfully it was only the goalkeeper throwing the ball and not kicking it and i think he got more upset due to the shock of it hitting him rather than the actual hit itself.

The damn ball just came out of nowhere!
However like the true champ he is, he got back up after his little knock and cuddle from mummy and got right back into there game, not to sure who won the game because well i never normally pay attention after all they are only small children, so it's more the taking part that counts right?

Great action shot of Max going for the ball.
We were also informed that there would be a little football cup on Saturday that the boys could be a part off, so looks like we will be going up to the local football pitch at 09:30 on Saturday morning to watch them have some fun. Really looking forward to it.


Anonymous said...

nice one

mum said...

pic are brilliant seem Max really enjoying himself :) Alex doesn't seem to care but still looks like he's haing fun :)