Monday, 15 August 2011

Busy Week Ahead.

Well it seems like it's going to be a busy week ahead for the family.

Tomorrow is the first day the boys will be attending school, they don't actually officially begin school until next Monday (22/08/2011) but they no longer have a place at the local daycare here, so they shall be attending the after-school program that our local school has up here, so from tomorrow they shall begin there. 

It's actually quite funny because i remember when i was about to begin school, i remember that the idea of going petrified me and yet the boys are so excited, which in turns makes me excited. I think the main reason they are is the fact they were able to go up prior to now, while they were in daycare every week they would go up and spend the morning, having breakfast and going to class just to get them used to it, so i'm guessing that is the reason, but i think myself & Marie are more anxious than they actually are.
Probably for the fact we know the boys are growing up, and i think we are both just hoping that they really do well, which i have no doubt in my heart they will.

As well as the twins starting school next week, my daughter Mikaela also goes back. She's been acting like a normal teenager this summer holiday, spending most of her days lying around her bedroom being bored as teenagers do and sitting up to 2am in the morning, so she is another one that will need to be whipped into shape and begin to go back to bed at a reasonable time, otherwise she will have big problems trying to get up at 6am next week when school starts for her.

On top of all that it is the twins 6th birthday on Friday, 6 already it still feels like yesterday they were babies and now they're both growing up, attitude and everything. So we have a little party type thing to arrange and make sure everything is ready for that. We have decided that this year we wouldn't bother with a party for them, so we shall just be having Marie's mum and dad out for a bit of cake etc.

I am also hoping for some nice weather this week, because i really need to get out the back garden and get the grass cut, and things tided, in all honesty i hate gardening, i don't just hate it i loathe it more than anything else in the world, i just don't understand anyone who finds fixing a garden fun. There just isn't anything fun about it at all, but it's something that needs to be done, because i have been extremely lazy when it comes to it.

And on top of it all i need to find some time to go into town and try and get some things for myself sorted out, so i can either decide to get back to college or if the job centre will be able to help me to find a job or a course or something.

So it seems i have a pretty busy schedule ahead of me this week, but for now i think i will go away and watch the latest episode of True Blood.

What's your plans for the week?


Sylvia said...

Your little guys starting school is so exciting. When I see backpacks and back to school things in the stores, I say I can't wait for my little guy to start school, but in reality I know I will be that crazy mom crying her eyes out on the first day of school.

I start school next Monday, so this week I'm trying to enjoy my last week of freedom!

Ben said...

Hehe and quite rightly so Sylvia, the boys dont actually officially start themselves until next monday, they are currently at the after-school thing they have there..

But totally agree with you, when you see your little ones beginning the next chapter of their lives it can be quite emotional.

Megan said...

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