Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Day 26: A Childhood Memory

Love this picture of me and my Dad <3. My Dad looks so young its funny.

Well this one was quite hard to do mainly for the fact i have so many childhood memories that i could easily share with you guys, my dad was always one for going out and about during school vacations, taking us to different historical places to see stuff, i think my Mum found it boring but myself, sister & dad had a great time.

This picture i believe was well before my sister "Laken" was actually born and if i'm not mistaken was a camping trip up the top of Scotland, in a place called MacDuff. I believe we went up their with my Auntie and her partner at the time, but i cannot be 100% sure about this because well i was really young maybe around five or something? 

Although some parts of the vacation are still very vague to me, guess it's my old age kicking in i still remember great times when i was on this holiday with my family. If i don't recall wrong it was where i met my first Girlfriend too, some other kid that was up their with her family too camping out, But i just remember going around MacDuff and other places i cannot remember the names off, and it was great.

Also remember playing swing ball you know that game with the pole in the grass that had a tennis ball attached and you hit it with tennis rackets? I won't ever forget this holiday i don't think because it was just really good.

I'm hoping once i am able to sort myself out with a job etc that i am able to plant fond childhood vacation memories in my kids minds, although i don't think they will ever forget their first trip over to Scotland hehe.

Anyways that's my fondest childhood memory i think, at least one of them, as i said i have so many that i could write for days about them.

So what would your childhood memory be?


dawn said...

you are very much mistaken your Auntie and her partner wasn't at MacDuff with us and as for being into historical I am very much interested in all things like that you just need to ask your Dad he will tell you that you have me so wrong haha,as for the holiday your Auntie Michelle came with us was a place called Beauly and to be honest that place was really boring :)so there you go a we bit of information for you if you don't believe me ask your Dad he will put you right haha

dawn said...

that picture you've put up with your Dad you had just turn 3 year old and the other holiday to Beauly you had just turn 5 so you are right about your age for your second holiday

Ben said...

Well i get mixed up like i said i was young and my brains not exactly that great anymore ;) but thanks for the info :)

Cami said...

Nice to meet ya Ben! Thanks for following me - I'm following back!! I lived in Scotland for 6 months - Scotland has a very special place in my heart!

I'm trying to follow back - but your followers button doesn't seem to be working right now - will try again soon!

My favorite childhood memory...that's a tough one. I feel like I have such bad memory when it comes to my childhood. I could understand if I had a rough - but I didn't!

I loved reading your memory - so great!

When your wife makes those muffins, let me know how you guys like them! :)

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

Saru Singhal said...

Looks like you used to have a lot of fun with your family and the picture is really cute. This place must be special to you. My childhood memories are of my native village and playing under mango trees.

Ben said...

@Cami, hey and thanks for stopping by and yes i have no idea whats going on with GFC on my page, 2 days ago it started not loading until you reload the page 3 times or something, i went and googled it and there is loads of people with the same problem but no resolution so i just have to hope it's fixed soon :)

@Cami & Saru: yea i had a great time growing up as a kids with my parents as i said in the post we were always out in about going to historical places and visiting family in different parts of the country, i really loved it.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello :D

Bees With Honey said...

Sweet pic of you and your Dad. As a parent, I'm big on creating memories for the kids but, in the end, they'll probably remember the simple things over a vacation. Vacations are great though!

Ben said...

Hehe totally agree with you their B! Thanks for stopping by and writing a lovely comment :)