Saturday, 20 August 2011

Arbetsförmedlingen (Job Centre)

So as most people are aware yesterday myself and Marie spent pretty much most of the day in town. Mainly due to our lovely transport system here in Sweden but either way it was a pretty decent day out. 

But the main purpose for me to actually go in yesterday was to visit the local job centre, to see if there was anything they could do, to assist me in gaining employment.

Before we went into the job centre Marie had said that she was going to keep quiet, it seems that if i take Marie anywhere with me important and i get stuck trying to explain something and she helps, that the person i am trying to have a conversation with will just end up completely ignoring me and speak to her instead (why speak to a non Swedish speaker, when you can do it faster with a Swedish person eh?)

So anyway i went inside and was greeted by the information desk, now forgive me if im wrong but these people are front of house, so are they not meant to be nice and pleasant? Well let's just say by the time i had finished speaking to the man on the information desk i seriously wanted to beat the guy down hard.

I had said to him that i had been in before, and was wondering if i would be able to speak to someone that could possibly help me in trying to gain employment to which his response was "Just so you understand, WE cannot help you get a job that you have to do yourself, we have jobs in our database, but we cannot get you a job!"
Now it wasn't so much what he said but the tone in which he said it, it was the tone of your a non Swedish person and your a piece of shit, oh and on top of being a piece of shit you are also as thick as a plank of wood.


Not only was it a problem that i wanted to speak to someone about getting some help it was apparently wrong of me for living in Sweden for 5 years and not obtaining a Swedish I.D. 
Now i have my UK Passport, and i have ALWAYS used that when asked for I.D. and it has never ever ever been a problem anywhere in Sweden, they have looked at it and said ok thanks very much here you go and off i go, but this guy went to town on me. "You have lived in Sweden for 5 years, so you MUST get a Swedish I.D. card or Passport"
Once more not what he said but the actual tone he used.

But other than that idiot the actual job centre itself went really well, i spoke to a very nice man there after that complete jerk off and he has set me up an appointment with someone which will be sent out to me, so the plan that is now in motion is i shall go in one day in the next 2 weeks and speak to this person, who will then transfer me to a "Job Coach", which i am entitled to for 3 months. 

Basically the job coach gets paid from the Swedish Government to take people and if they are able to get them into employment then they will make even more money, so it's really in the best interest of the Job Coach to get you in a job. 

So at least things seem to be moving in the right direction, but that man i spoke to on the front desk, i honestly even today still feel like grabbing a baseball bat and travelling into town and beating him with it just for the way he spoke to me, i have never in my whole entire life felt so stupid and angry all at the same time. 


mumxx said...

Well at least its a bit more positive than things have been up to now :)

Ben said...

Yea idd, just really made me feel like shit talking to that asshole. It wasn't even that i was speaking in english cause i spoke only in Swedish to him, Marie ended up stepping in and trying to explain things a bit better incase i had said something wrong or he didn't quite understand me, but even then his attitude was still shit.

But at least things are moving in the right direction now, so fingers crossed this Job Coach will help me.

mumxx said...

Just don't let that arsehole get you down :) at least you are trying to do something about your situation not like the arseholes in this bloody country lol I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you best of luck Son xxx

Hea said...

Det är arbetsförmedlingen i ett nötskal kan jag lova. De har behandlat mig som skit för att jag inte gått på gymnasiet (läser upp det nu dock) och de har inte hjälp mig en enda gång med att fixa jobb, utan det har jag gjort själv. Så kan jag kan du =) Håller tummarna för att du kan få ett jobb eller komma ut på praktik =)

Daddy's in Charge? said...

We call those people "gatekeepers" their sole purpose is to annoy te hell out of us. They have a stupid job so try try to use their power to be assholes.

Ben said...

@Helena: Ahh det tycker jag med. Men hoppas att nånting händer för att jag måste fixa nåt jobb nu!!.. Såååå trött att sitta hemma, jag vill jobba! jag vill ha pengar.

@DiC: hahah yea you could say that m8, just can't believe how people can act when they are meant to be the first people you are greeted by, instead you end up feeling like a complete moron.