Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bye Bye Rug From Hell!

Last month i wrote a blog post about the damn rug that we had in our livingroom at the time, it was a god awful piece of fabric hell! and i mean hell in the literal sense of the word, this thing killed me!

Most people know by now that we have a Siberian Husky here at home, and with a Siberian Husky comes shedding and not just any shedding but extreme shedding, without a word of a lie i could come down stairs with the vacuum cleaner and spend 45 minutes alone on the damn rug hoovering up his hair. I mean it literally looked like we had a second dog on our rug, so i had been complaining for just over a year that i wanted to get rid of the damn thing, or i would simply stop hoovering.
I mean you don't even have to go to the gym to get a workout, all you needed to do was grab a hoover and spend 45 minutes trying to hoover up all the dog hair.

The RUG from HELL
So this weekend we were in town doing a bit of shopping and basically just trying to get our son Alex who broke his foot last week a bit of fresh air, but on our way back to the train station we passed the JYSK store, it's basically a household goods store that sells everything from beds to kitchen tables and everything in between and are really quite cheap. As it was raining heavily with thunder and lightening, Marie had suggested that we take a little nose about inside, since we had just over a hour to wait for the train home anyway.

Well i can't believe my luck! while looking around the store we came upon the mat section, something everyone needs to know about Sweden, there is no such things as CARPETS, i mean i have literally not seen a single house in the whole of Sweden that doesn't have wooden flooring, quite depressing really but seeing as we have this dog i'm also quite grateful. 
But as i was saying we came across a mat that would just be absolutely perfect in every way, it was the right size for the livingroom and also it wasn't made of STUPID FABRIC!!!, and to make things even better it was actually on sale so we were able to get it a little bit cheaper! WIN OR WHAT???!!!?!?

I am now in love with hoovering again lol, i have now even got into the habit of doing it on a daily basis, and guess how long it takes me to hoover the whole bottom part of the house???? 10 fricken minutes!!!! it goes so fast, the dog can lie all over the mat all he wants, and shed as much of his hair as he desires and all it takes is 3 seconds with the hoover and it's all nice and clean again.

Unfortunately Marie wouldn't let me burn the damn rug, even though i wanted to so much, so it's been placed in our son Alex's room, since he only had a small one but at least out dog doesn't enter his room very often so i guess it's a bonus.

But for now i think i will head off, we have football practice tonight with the twins, obviously Alex won't be taking part due to his leg, but we will take him up anyway so that he is able to watch them and get all the attention. Seriously the boy is being treated like a absolute king at the moment and lapping it up hehe. 

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