Monday, 1 August 2011

We All Love Vidar!

I'm a firm believer that when you raid and your on teamspeak with your guild mates that you should have a good laugh and a joke with them, unfortunately for me sometimes we take our chats a little to far. I'm pretty sure that most of our chats would probably get us locked up in some kind of crazy asylum for the stuff we come out with but hey at least we're having fun right?

I thought i would share some of them with all my followers to give you the opportunity to enjoy some of the manic and stupid chats that we find ourselves having during our raiding time.

It seems that most of our chat's end up because Vidar, he's the other tank in our guild that tanks along side me most of the time, and i think because he is Norwegian that some of the stuff he comes out with he doesn't quite fully understand the implications it could cause lol, we of course all still love him to bits though, he cracks us up and we can all have a jolly good laugh.

So during one of our raids, i was wondering why i had never seen a picture of Vidar:

Myself: "Vidar why don't you have any pictures of yourself on Facebook??"
Vidar: "Errrm have you even looked at my Facebook profile? There is a few pictures of me there!"

*So i quickly tab onto my internet browser and check out his Facebook profile*

Myself: "Dude that chick on the end there is pretty hot you should definitely see if you can get some action from her!"
Vidar: "DUDE!!! thats my half sister!" 

Safe to say i felt a bit retarded after that, and i'm sure some people were a bit worried about the fact i was telling him to hit his half sister, but i didn't know lol!.

Last night we had another raid and the chat began to flow after killing the first boss, Vidar seemed to have received a phone call on the way up to the second boss as he buggered off for a few minutes and came back saying:

Vidar: "Guy's i need to go AFK (Away From Keyboard) for like 5 minutes, my mum's coming around and she's got crabs!"
Vidar: "I meant SEAFOOD!!!!"

The poor guy truly fell into that one you all have to admit that, but it was a great laugh. Although i'm not to sure if he found it funny but i expect he did lol!.

Our raid continued last night and we ended up chatting about FaceBay, it's a new page on Facebook that a  load of people from where i used to live in Scotland have created, so basically they sell stuff they don't want anymore on Facebook. But Vidar had to take the chat a bit off track again.

Vidar: "Who's that celebrity that buys Babies??" 
Myself: "Madonna?"
Raid: "Angelina Jolie?"
Vidar: "Yea, that's the one Angelina! I knew it wasn't Madonna, cause she eats the babies she buys"
Darren: "Babyback Babyback Baby Baby Babyback Babyback Ribs!"

I have absolutely no idea how the hell we managed to end up talking about buying babies but we had Gill our resident Warlock in fits of laughter coming up with all sorts of Chinese Takeaway Dishes including children :/ Some of it was quite disturbing to say the least but we all had a great laugh about it.
I think it's even more worrying since some of our guildies have children, but maybe that's why we could see the funny side of it all.

I'll try and keep posting more chats as they come about as some of them can at least leave me in floods of tears.

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