Saturday, 6 August 2011

Day 23: A Way In Which You Want To Be Remembered

Thinking about how you would like to be remembered is probably harder than it actually sounds, i mean have you actually ever sat down and thought about it? I know personally i haven't, and this is probably the first time it has ever crossed my mind, so yea thanks stupid challenge. 

Personally i don't like to think about death, i'm probably one of those people that wish life could go on forever like some sort of Peter Pan Syndrome, but instead of i never want to grow up it's more the case of i never want to die! I'm still holding out in the hopes that scientists will manage to create that cryogenic freezing process that you see in so many movies.

But in reality that's unfortunately what eventually happens to us all right? We all live and then we all die, so how would i like to be remembered when i leave this world?

In all honesty i have no idea, i would like to think that people seen me as a outgoing type of guy who was easy to talk to and was always there when people needed me and for the most part i guess that's true, however i think for the most part people will remember me as that gaming nerd that was online all the time talking to people and having a good time, since up until recently that is what i have been, and there is nothing wrong with that i guess, but i would hope that people see me for who i really am a kind, outgoing and always up for a laugh type of person then i guess i would be happy.

I mean who wants to be remembered as a douche bag that nobody liked? certainly not me, so i normally make it a point to try and get everyone to like me, i hate conflict although i have no issues saying what i think when someone really annoys me. But i like to think that i try and make friends instead of enemies.

So if i could choose a way to be remembered i'm guessing this would be it, that guy who always knew how to have a laugh, but was always there for people when they needed him most.

How would you like to be remembered? 

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