Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Day 19: A Talent Of Yours

I'm pretty sure these challenges get more and more stupid and harder to answer with complete and utter honesty, but i'm trying my hardest to make sure i answer them as honestly as i can.

But as for today's challenge i really couldn't say for sure what talents i have if any to be honest.

I believe that i'm pretty talented when it comes to computer games, there ain't a computer game out there that with a little time and energy that i can't get through without much hassles, but i'm not to sure if you could count that as a talent or not.

I'm also pretty talented at winding people up and getting them angry, but once again not to sure if that fits into the category of being a talent, either way i think i'll stick with these two, you guys can decide yourself if they are talents or not.

But what are you talents? do you have any?

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