Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Boys First Day At The After-school Club.

Well it was back to getting up at 05:00 in the morning again today, thanks to the lovely daycare and school being closed yesterday due to another type of holiday totally unrelated to the summer, i was able to have a nice day off where i spent most of the day just sitting around with the kids watching TV like we normally like to do. 

Now don't get on at me about "oh you should have been outside playing" cause yesterday was certainly no day for being outside, i have no idea where it came from but we had rain like i had never seen for ages, it was literally smashing off the floor like bricks. So no playing outside for us.

But this morning it was time for the twin boys to go to their first day at the After-School program that our local school has on, it's basically like daycare as it's for parents who are out working so they need to leave early in the morning and when the parents are off to work etc, where is the kids meant to go? Well that is what the program is for, they have members of staff that look after your kids before and after school, so myself and Marie decided that instead of keeping them off even though i am home, that we would make them go this week just so they can get used to it, while it's quiet.

So we headed off at around 06:40 this morning and headed up to the local school, i was asked if i would like to stick around for a wee while, just so that the boys could get settled in but was it needed? I tell you what, i could have been was a ghost entering that place this morning, the twin boys went in got shown where to hang their coats, and put there shoes (yes in Swedish schools you are not allowed to wear any type of footwear) and they disappeared.
I suppose i should be happy that they were so comfortable about going their but i think i was expecting a little resistance but instead i was faced with *Pooof* kids gone, i hung around anyways and spoke to the teacher that was looking after them, she seems like a nice person perhaps a little snobby but then again i think that about every teacher i meet in Sweden for some reason, i don't know why but the whole pointy nose in the air just screams "SNOB!" to me.

But the place i have to admit seems very nice, alot of activity's to keep the kids occupied while they are there so i guess that's a big bonus, i'm just hoping that they enjoyed themselves, but certainly as i was leaving they seemed to be, but i said my goodbyes, where the response was pretty much a half assed goodbye.

So what have i got up to today then? well i thought i would take the time to pamper myself a little after doing the hoovering and emptying our damn pool which by the way is a complete pain in the ass to empty! 
I hopped in the shower, got myself all cleaned up and even had a shave and cut my nails etc, so now i feel all fresh as a daisy lol, and no longer look like a hobo that should be living in some cardboard box on the street lol.

We have the boys football practice tonight, so i think it's time to go chill out a little bit on the couch, maybe watch some TV and wait for everyone to come home before having dinner and heading up to the football pitch.

So what have you guys got up to today?


mum said...

My God you do know how to have a shave even without having to have one because we are going to be speaking on Skype haha

Ben said...

Hahah yea not very often but i try once in a while :)

mum said...

Glad to hear it haha :)

Daddy's in Charge? said...

I could never get my kids up that early, no matter what country I was living in.

Ben said...

Hehe we have never had a issue, my kids hate to sleep always have done since they were born, but they have always been up at 6:30am every morning during the week since that was the time we had to take them to daycare.

But they are normally awake at 5am due to hearing myself and Marie's alarms go off for work :)

Momfever said...

I have worked in our garden, which was starting to look like a tropical rain forest. I forced the kids to help me, but that was almost worse than gardening.

Thanks for leaving a comment about glasses on Momfever!