Sunday, 21 August 2011

Gaming & Real Life Violence.

The other week while going through my normal Facebook & Google + feeds i stumbled upon a article that was posted by a friend of mine featuring the infamous Supernanny "Jo Frost". Which basically said that playing video games was the reason for the riots that happened in London not that long ago. Now from what i have read previously this is not the first time she has jumped on the bandwagon of Games and Gamers are Evil!

She went onto say the following:

"Research shows that within 15 minutes of playing one of these games young men become highly aggressive and lack empathy in normal situations. It is not too fanciful to suggest it's a short step from being immersed in this war-like world to taking that nightmare mindset on to the streets with all the consequences of anarchy and violence we saw rip apart cities."

Call Of Duty
Personally do i agree with this? Hell NO! i don't, sure i have read lots of articles around the world about oh such and such shot x amount of people after playing games like Call Of Duty etc and it's the videos game fault but how on earth can ANYONE come to that conclusion. I mean seriously have they sat down with these individuals and said "oh why did you shoot these innocent people" to which they got a reply "oh i was playing  this video game and just decided to pick up a gun and go do it" i mean come on! what complete and utter crap. You can't seriously expect me to believe this is the case can you?

Golden Axe
I personally have been a gamer since back in the day, when i got my first ever games console (Sega Master System II) and played games such as Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Mortal Combat. Before i got my PC and moved onto games like GTA and Duke Nukem, now let me tell you games like GTA & Duke Nukem was filled with pure and utter violence, from running people over with vehicles to taking baseball bats and beating people around the head with them and have i ever had the tendency because of these games to go out get a baseball bat and beat someone until they are dead? of course not because i know in my head already that these types of games are not REALITY they are fiction.

Now am i saying that video games have nothing to do with these acts of violence, of course im not perhaps they have indeed contributed to them, but they have certainly not been the main cause of such crimes as violence against others and especially the London riots.

She also went on to mention

"Those horrific video games which I mentioned earlier must be brought under control. Their content should be subject to censorship and the age at which they can be bought tightly controlled," she writes. "Shopkeepers should demand proof of age and where they ignore this and break the law by selling them to children they should be fined."

This however i absolutely agree with i would never ever let any of my children play violent video games that they are clearly under-age for and i do believe that all video games should come with a censorship on them, i already know that games like GTA etc come with a 18+ censorship on it, and i definitely agree that parents and grandparents purchasing these games for minors is idiotic 

But i stand by my views and opinions that video games do not cause violence, but what are your own personal thoughts and opinions on this matter? do you believe that parents should be more vigilant when purchasing games for their children?

If you would like to read the whole interview with Supernanny Jo Frost then you can find it >HERE<


Vapid Vixen said...

The only game I've ever been into was World of Warcraft so I'm not sure how much my opinion counts. I did briefly play some game where you steal a car and run down hookers. That lasted about minutes and I thought it was ridiculous. I do think parents should have some idea of what sort of games they're buying for their children and the games should be age appropriate. My two cents. Stopping by from Say Hi Sunday btw.

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