Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Lazy Day's.

So Marie has been back to work two days now which has left me home alone with the kids, i actually love being home along with the twins mainly for the simple reason they never get up to stupid stuff. I'm not saying that Marie makes them do it but the twins have this weird thinking that when mummy is home they can do stupid stuff and maybe they will get away with it.

Although 99.9% of the time that is not the case at all, Marie will give them into as much trouble as i would but the twins just never seem to catch onto this hehe.

But i have to admit that the last two days have been quite nice, yesterday we got up had some breakfast and just sat around the couch watching children's television for a while, before heading out into the back garden so that they could splash around in the pool. It was quite a cold day yesterday but unbelievably they still played around in the pool for a good hour before deciding that it was boring and wanted to head back in doors.

My mum & dad had bought them MP3 players for either their Birthday or Christmas i can't actually recall which but they had been sitting around the house waiting to be charged for a few weeks and every time they asked for them to be done i would say yes and then completely forget all about it. I know bad dad is bad :(
But it wasn't my fault, things just came up and it went out of my head, but i eventually got around to doing it. I'm telling you there is no greater sound than listening to your child try and sing along to English song's especially when both are Swedish and don't speak very much English.

It just absolutely cracks me up something rotten, of course i never sit there and laugh at them cause that would just be outright mean, but i get to have a wee chuckle to myself when they're not around. But i have to admit that i find it really adorable to listen to them try, it brings back memories of my sister walking up the shops back in Scotland trying to sing along to Bon Jovi or my dad's old band.

Today has been pretty much the same a really relaxed and lazy day just lying around the couch watching television and doing absolutely nothing, i had said this morning to them that we could go to the wee park we have here, but unfortunately by the time i got around to thinking about doing it the stupid heaven's decided that they would open up and give us some rain, so that little plan got well and truly thrown out the window.
So pretty much the whole day has consisted of me sitting around with the kids watching TV while doing my daily heroics in World Of Warcraft.

I would have considered taking them to the park tomorrow, but i have been informed that my mother-in-law to be will be coming out tomorrow morning to pick them up and take them away for the day, which means i'll be left all alone once more in the house, might actually be nice though since i've not had the house to myself for about 7 weeks, but i would really like to do something with the twins before they head back to daycare next Tuesday so i need to get my thinking cap on and hope that it doesn't rain on Friday.

But i think that is enough from me today, time to take myself to my lovely couch and lie and watch some TV shows with my hunny before heading to bed. I tell you these getting back up at 5am in the morning is not good for the brain, especially when you barely get any sleep at night because it's so humid.

So for now i bid everyone a good night! 


dawn said...

you will find we bought the boys there MP3 players for their bday last year pay attention to what they get and whats it for lol loves you loads no 1 son :)

Somsi said...

I like the title of the article and it suits the article's matter.

Ben said...

Thanks very much Somsi, nothing beats just laying around with the kiddies doing nothing but watching cartoons :)