Thursday, 22 September 2011

First School Pictures.

It finally came around, on Tuesday the boys had there very first school picture taken. Marie had picked out some some very nice clothes for them to put on which included a nice shirt and a pair of jeans.

I have to admit i was pretty excited about this event, i mean it's there very first one what parent wouldn't be! Although it always brought back memories of when i was a kid and how much i hated photo day, the thought of standing in a line with all your class mates and then having to sit in a seat in front of everyone and do that fake smile just made me really feel stupid.

But school photo's are a great thing, it not only brings you joy to look at them and gives you a nice photo journal of how they grow up year after year, but it can also be used later in their lives as ammunition when they bring their first ever girlfriend/boyfriend home, I think it's every parents right to do this. I personally had no choice in the matter when i was growing up as my mum and dad insisted that our school pictures were framed and put up on the wall of the staircase leading up the bedrooms and the most recent ones placed on the wall in the livingroom. I mean talk about embarrassing!
At least now i get to have my own revenge, taking these embarrassing things out on my children, i mean us parents deserve a little bit of fun don't we?

Unfortunately i did what every dad in the world shouldn't i combed there hair made it all nice and looking respectable and then proceeded to give them their baseball caps to put on, oops i guess you could say. I neglected to think that placing their baseball caps on their heads would cause their hair to become once more a mess, so the preview of the photo's got sent to us and of course i did a stupid thing according to Marie, she hasn't said anything but i know she's thinking it.
Safe to say i have learned a valuable lesson today, but i thought i would take the previews of the pictures and stick them up here so that everyone could see them, i'll apologise to everyone i guess for their hair hehe.

   (Alexander "Left" & Maximus "Right")

Apart from the hair, and the fact it seems that Alexander decided to take one of his buttons out the photo's are brilliant and look forward to getting them home soon, so that we can buy some frames and put them on the wall for everyone that ever enters our house to see.

But until next time, i bid everyone a great day.

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