Wednesday, 5 October 2011

So Proud Of My Daughter.

I have to be one the proudest parents in the world right now, i was sitting down the other day just chilling in front of the computer like i normally do, you know checking Facebook/Twitter etc when my daughter came down the stairs from her bedroom to inform myself and Marie that she had passed her Spanish test that she had the other week.

Personally when it came to myself and other languages i have always struggled with them, although saying that i took French when i was in High School and no matter how much i hated the subject and no matter how much i tried to fail it i always managed to remarkably well at it and pass nearly every test.

But not only did my daughter pass her Spanish test, she went one better and completely rocked it getting the highest grade you possible can currently a "A". I mean i cannot be more proud right now of her, she is always acting the dumb blonde and then she comes home with a mark like that, it just goes to show you she is far from the word dumb.

As a added incentive  for her to do well, and to get her to study we had came to the agreement that if she passed any test with the highest mark you can get the "A" that we would give her 400 Swedish kroner which works out to be about £40/$58, so it looks like we had to pay up. However she decided that instead of getting the money to spend it however she wanted to, she opted to get a pair of new shoes.
I of course cringed at the thought of more shoes in my house, honestly at the rate my girl is going she will soon be able to open up her own shoe shop with t he amount she has, it's ridiculous.

So you can say that right about now although hating the fact she has bought another pair of shoes i am still one very proud little daddy for her doing so awsome on her test!

Until next time though, i shall bid you all farewell...

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