Thursday, 6 October 2011

Searching For Work = Frustrating.

There is few things in this world that really irritates me, ok i'm lying there is quite a few things that annoy the hell out of me, but the main one currently is looking for jobs. You would think that this is a pretty straight forward and easy task. You know go on to "X" website do a search for the area that you are interested in working in and then find a job that you can possibly apply to, but here is where it gets both interesting and frustrating at the same time.

In this current economic state jobs are very hard to come by if we are all very honest, i think currently in the country of Sweden for every one job there is possibly about 10,000 applicants for that one job, these numbers are not factual but i know that Sweden has a very high unemployment rate currently so it could very well be possible but that is not what making looking for employment difficult, the fact is that when browsing the normal sites and looking at each job that catches my eye i see the same stupid requirements over and over again.

  • Driver's Licence (Unfortunately this is something i do not have currently).
  • Experience and or Education.
Now the education i can understand at least for some positions but not for all, i mean surly the opportunity to be able to train someone to the company's liking is far more appealing than someone who has done the job before or has education in it, i know quite a few people who have degree's etc in certain fields that i am pretty sure wouldn't do the job any better than someone trained on the job.

As for the experience this just irritates me when i read this why? because of the simple fact how on earth are you actually meant to get any experience in that job or field if no company is willing to hire you without it, i mean you can't just automatically come up with experience and surly like i said before a company would benefit more being able to train someone themselves and show them how they would like the job done over someone who has done that type of job before and wants to do it his/her way. Maybe i am being naive about this whole concept but it still doesn't take away at least from me the fact that it is impossible to get said experience without being given a good solid chance.

Now onto the stupid thing known as a drivers licence we have a saying back in UK which is "A Catch 22 Situation" this is exactly how this whole concept of requiring a drivers licence comes across to me, if you haven't looked at the most recent costs involved in obtaining a drivers licence then i'm pretty sure you would be absolutely shocked i know i was. So obviously for someone unemployed not even saving all there benefits (something i do not get here in Sweden, because i A) have never worked over here and B) ain't a Swedish citizen) would you be able to afford it, not at least with one years worth of benefits.
So we are stuck in this catch 22 situation, to get a job you need to get a drivers licence, but to get a drivers licence you need to get a job. How is this even remotely possible?

I was looking through the job adds today and out of about 10 jobs that i could have seen myself doing i could apply for a grand total of ONE! that's right the other 9 jobs required a drivers licence so i expanded my search to other area's of the country that is still within distance by train / bus and i found plenty more but once more they all required either a drivers licence or experience / education in that subject.
So right now i am in a bit of a bad mood, i see the opportunity for work out there but it is not obtainable by me because of the above, so what am i meant to do? i mean really i can't just magically get experience and education and i can't afford to get myself a drivers licence certainly not on one wage coming into the house.

I hear alot of people thinking, well why doesn't he just go back to school and get the qualifications he wants for the job he's wanting, and yes that would be a great idea if you didn't have to pay for it, which would require me to take out student loans etc, and this is just something i am not willing to do mainly for the fact i have come over to this country debt free and i really don't want to get myself into debt. Some people might disagree with this, and some might find me being stupid by not going down this route, but my family requires money, hard earned cash not cash that i am going to have to spend the next 10 years of my life trying to pay back if i even get a job at the end of it.

How i currently feel right now.
So as you can see i am pretty much stuck in this catch 22 situation and have no idea how to get out of it, but i guess something will come along eventually and then with my first wage i will be able to sort out the drivers licence part at least.

But until next time, i shall bid you all a good day!

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