Friday, 9 December 2011

The Funniest Thing Happened Last Night.

Yesterday myself and Marie was up at the school attending the boys i guess you could call it Christmas play, basically all the boys class did was stand behind what was meant to be a pirate ship and sang songs while the older children sang some songs and had some speaking parts, i couldn't quite make it out since they done the production in the school gym and well with all the echo and all the other noise going on but it was something about a ship and a pirate ship i think, but it was fun to watch and Alex & Max really got into the singing.

Unfortunately we we're not allowed to take our camera with us or take any photo's due to one of the children in the production having a protected identity, i have no idea what for but it doesn't really matter. So due to this all camera's and video camera's were prohibited. But the school has taken some photo's which we have been informed that we will receive a copy at some point so although we were unable to take any photo's at least we will get some taken by the school themselves.

But anyways back to the story, with the production going on a bit later than the kids bedtime it was straight home, brush teeth and into bed for the boys, they had already had food up at the school so no dinner was required thank god, don't really like the thought of having to feed them at 7pm at night, but once to bed myself and Marie settled ourselves down for the night to watch some TV and just generally chill out after a long day (Long day for Marie, but not for me i guess).

After a few hours i heard some rustling in the hall way and thought nothing off it since our oldest daughter was up stairs doing homework i just figured she had forgot something and was down the stairs to get whatever it was however when i turned my head there stood a little boy (my son Alexander) eyes wide open, standing in his jammies with his gym bag that had been lying in the hall way. Of course my first reaction was to ask him what the hell he was doing, and why was he not in bed but before i could even get a word out Marie said to me "Hold on a second, just bare with him" i still hadn't a clue what was going on but i left him to it, he then proceeded to say "Good morning Mum" and sat himself down on the arm chair and watch TV.
It was then that myself and Marie understood what was happening, for the first time EVER that we have ever seen out little boy was sleep walking and was still fast asleep the poor wee soul.

I know that some people sleep walk, my younger sister Laken used to do it alot, but i had never actually seen anyone do it especially a 6 year old child and i couldn't do anything but laugh my head off as Marie proceeded to pick him up from the chair and take him back to bed, he never mentioned anything about it this morning so i'm guessing he hasn't realised what he did, but it was just the way he walked through the door like nothing was wrong and it was completely normal holding his gym bag and plonked himself down on the arm chair to watch some TV. I mean normally they don't even watch TV in the morning so i have no idea what made him sit down to do it but it was hilarious. 

I honestly wished i had the camera or even a video camera close just to take a video or picture of it because it was a absolute priceless moment i must admit.

Drop me a comment with any funny sleep walking stories you may have, i would love to read them as if i found this funny i could just imagine what other people have seen.

But i think that is me done for the week, i hope everyone has a awsome weekend! But until next time, take care!

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