Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Wordless Wednesday

So seeing as we are in the December months and leading up to Christmas i decided that Wordless Wednesday will feature pictures from all the Christmas's i've had in Sweden, unfortunately not all was captured on camera so we have to start from 2009 in which my parents and sister came to visit and celebrate with us, i have to admit it has so far been the best Christmas over here, having my family over here along with my parents was just the best ever! I hope you enjoy them.

My folks decided they wanted to go outside for a Family shot turned out really nice in all honesty.

Since in Sweden we don't do this type of thing my Sister decided that she would bring some decorations from the UK so at least the kids could see what sort of things they do in the UK, they loved them.

Folks also brought over some Crackers for us to share at the Christmas table went down a blast, although Marie didn't quite like the party hats lol!

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