Tuesday, 13 December 2011

We Found The Ultimate Gift!

Last week myself and Marie were in town for our daughters annual parents meeting with the school to see how she was doing, turns out she was doing pretty damn good which was really nice to hear. Because we had a few hours to spare before the train back to Järpås we decided that we would pop into the local gaming store in town to price up these Lego games that we had looked at for the kids, you know just to see if we could possibly get them a bit cheaper in town than we could online and as we were talking to the owner of the store he directed us to what i would consider especially for 6 year old little boys the ULTIMATE game for them!

When we first seen it was like PERFECT! this is something that although comes with the game 3 figures and the summoning platform was fairly priced and looked like it was something the kids would absolutely love, i had personally seen a few adverts online while watching various gaming streams about it but never thought anything off it until he showed us it.

Basically you get the game for the XBOX, PS3 or WII, you get 3 toy figures and what they call a summoners platform for whatever console you may own, we personally have the XBOX so we shall be buying that version and what you do is you plug in the summoners platform and when you start the game you are asked to place one of the 3 toy figures onto the platform. Once you have done this the toy is transported into the game and then you can play that character and each character has unique abilities which help you in the game to get extra items and things like that.

I mean seriously what 6 year old child wouldn't love that! Not only that you can play 2 of the toy's on the platform and play together or in a battle mode against each other! and on top of that you are able to purchase new characters in either a 3 pack or just a single character from your local store, so it means that if they boys are being good one weekend while we are in town instead of going and buying some useless toy that they will probably brake within 5 minutes we can go and treat them to a new character which is awsome!

So i think Christmas is sorted for the little twin boys, not only do i get to teach them and watch them play a game i honestly think it's a game they are going to love the hell out of. I've put a YouTube video below so that you can see what it's like but seriously if your stuck for a Christmas present for either your son or daughter i would highly recommend you checking this out as it looks truly brilliant!

But for now i think i shall bid you all farewell, i would really like to know what you think of this! Hope you have a great day!

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