Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Sometimes Living Out In The Sticks Sucks.

About 6 years ago i met a guy online playing World Of Warcraft called Kaeshan, he had joined my guild that i was currently in and the guild master off as his guild had decided to sum what merge with mines and after getting to know the guy we became extremely close friends. But unfortunately we have been unable to meet each other in real life which has kind of sucked a bit.

He had booked tickets about 3 years ago i think it was when myself and Marie had decided to put on what could only be called a Geek Barbecue in which we had invited pretty much our full guild that we were running to come to our house in Sweden for a good drink and a BBQ and get to know each other in a more personal setting, everything was set and we had one of our other guildies sitting at the Göteborg airport waiting to pick him up, when i got a call saying that he had missed his flight out of London due to traffic on the way there which was totally shit to put it bluntly.

So a few years have gone by since then and no matter what we have tried we have been unable to meet up, so when he informed me the other day that he had a 4 day holiday and was looking to finally come over to Sweden to visit myself and Marie i couldn't believe it. I know it's kind of a strange thing really wanting to meet someone you have only spoke to online but our conversations as i said before have dated way back into 2005 and we pretty much speak at least once or twice a week or even sometimes more depending on what's been going on.

But once more the plan has fallen flat on it's face which is very disappointing to say the least, it turns out that since he lives in Cork, Ireland and me in Järpås, Sweden that the people at the airport have decided that attempting to meet each other is going to require alot more hard work than it is to even go and visit my parents. No matter how we looked at it, the flights coming into Sweden were just absolutely retarded and there was no way in hell i was able to get to Göteborg to pick him up, well not unless i have a car.

So once more we are unable to meet and i got to admit it feels really lame, i was so looking forward to it and now there is nothing we can do. But i think now i am even more spurred on to get myself a job and get my drivers licence so that people coming to visit will not have any problems since i will be able to drive to Göteborg and pick them up! But i guess for now i shall just have to try and plan a small trip myself over to Cork at some point and meet up with him. Pretty crap news but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done.

But until next time i hope your having a better week than mines has started out, hoping that the rest of the week goes a little better that's for sure!

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