Thursday, 12 January 2012

Feeling Stupid But Why? Continued.

Well it's been a couple of days since my last blog post and to be honest i have just had nothing to write about, i don't know what it is but i'm guessing all bloggers go through a dry spell and this seems to be mines, what's more worrying about it is the fact it's been like this for a few months now and it's really getting on my nerves. I had big goals this year about making my blog better and getting more views etc and it seems as of now i am failing pretty hard but there is nothing i can do about it.
I refuse to write just pointless garbage that nobody is really interested in, i mean who wants to read a blog post saying i had this for dinner tonight and to be quite honest it sucked, funnily enough Marie made me and the kids Chicken Korma last night and it really did suck. None of us even got half way through it, but it wasn't her fault really it was more to do with the Korma sauce that she picked up from the store, there was just something about it that really did not taste right at all.

But away from that and back to the blog post at hand, i had written a post a couple of days ago about how i had decided that this was the year i was going to switch completely from English to Swedish at home since i was sick of us being a family who spoke half Swedish and half English and i wanted us to become a real Swedish family and for that to happen i needed to stop being lazy and stupid and just get on with it. But i found it really hard i must admit, the thought of speaking Swedish to my fiancĂ©e Marie scares the absolute shit out of me and for what reason i do not know.

So a few days have past and i must admit it's getting better, sure i stumble on a few words here and there and have no choice but to say them in English because i really have no idea what they are in Swedish and when your trying to have a conversation with someone the last thing you want to be doing is looking through a online dictionary trying to find what the word you want to use is. Funnily enough i have found a really nice app that i am considering downloading for my phone which is exactly that a translator with all the Swedish to English words in it, so that might be worth a look.

What is even more great is at the start of the week the new series of Swedish Masterchef started up on the TV and this has given me a excellent opportunity to sit down and watch something i like and in full Swedish, i'm pretty sure there is probably more TV shows out there in Swedish that are good, but i have yet to find them and i love cooking programs like Masterchef, Top Chef and pretty much everything Gordon Ramsay makes so when it began i was delighted! So this week i have been sitting on the couch with Marie watching it and although there is some dialects that i am unable to completely understand i have found myself being able to pretty much follow everything that is being said without to much of a problem, again there is some words but then i just simply ask Marie what does that mean and i get the translation instantly, so that is pretty sweet.
Not only has Masterchef begun, but so has the new season of The Biggest Looser Sweden, personally i ain't a big fan of these shows but Marie likes to watch them and it's in full Swedish so why not, so i began to watch that last night as well and once more found myself sitting on the couch thinking AWSOME! i'm understanding nearly everything they say.

So life is getting better! the Swedish is coming along and soon the thoughts that go through my head every time i think about speaking the language to Marie will have vanished, it has been known to happen that myself and Marie can go a few months speaking the language and then something  happens like we take a trip over to the UK or my parents come over here and we end up stopping, but i refuse to let that happen this time. I'm more than sure that my parents would rather see me sitting speaking Swedish to Marie and knowing that once we leave or they leave that it will continue than us speaking English and knowing that again once any of us depart that we will revert back because it's easy. So this is my new life and it's going to stay that way, otherwise Marie better find herself a new man lol as i'll be going out on the prowl for a new Swedish woman who doesn't know the English language! lol i'm only kidding that won't ever happen but it's a nice threat and maybe make her think twice about using the English language again hehe.

But i'm happy and that is all that counts i guess, but for now i shall bid you all farewell and hope your having a great week too!

Until next time!

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