Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Recipe: Filled Chicken With Potato Mash.

This is not something i normally do on this blog, since the whole blog is pretty much now dedicated to my family life and the kids, not something that it started out as but i don't regret the decision at all to move it from what it was which was basically a rambling of everything into a family style blog that it has become of sorts.

However last weekend myself and Marie had the pleasure of being totally alone in the house as the twins had went away to their dads for the weekend and our daughter Mikaela was away to have a sleep over combined Birthday Party at one of her friends house, so seeing as we had no children in the house we decided that for dinner we would try something completely new and see what it was like.

Leif Mannerstöm

The recipe that i want to share with all of you is something that i had spotted on the TV one night, it was a advert for some sort of brand of chicken we get here in Sweden and the person who was making the dish using this chicken is probably the best chef here in Sweden who goes by the name of Leif Mannerström.
I would seriously urge you to try this recipe if you haven't already done so because after eating this on Saturday i have to say it is now probably my 2nd most favorite dish i have ever tasted in my life! (And that is saying something since i am what Marie would describe as a "fussy eater")

So here you go, i really hope you try it out and like it because you will not be disappointed, i just hope that i managed to get everything correct when i translated it over from Swedish.

Rolled Chicken Filled With Parsley, Bacon & Onion:

Rolled & Filled Chicken Ingredients:

16 Thinly Sliced Chicken Breast (one breast = 4 slices)
1 Sliced Yellow Onion
4 Roughly Sliced StripsBacon
1-2 TableSpoons Of French Mustard
3.4 Oz Hacked Parsley
4 Carrots peeled & chopped into big bits
17 Oz Chicken Stock
8 Skewers
1.7Oz Creme Fraiche
3.4Oz Cream
1 Tablespoon Of Butter

Potato Mash With Parmesan Cheese:

500g Chopped Potato's (the ones you use for mash)
100g Butter
7.03Oz Cream
100g Parmasan
White Pepper


Filled Chicken:

Fry the bacon and the sliced onions until they gain colour and the onions have softened.

Remove from heat and let it cool for a few minutes, Add mustard, chopped parsley, salt & pepper.

Put some of the filling into the center of each slice of chicken and roll them up. Place skewers through the rolled up chicken to secure them.

Place the filled rolled chicken into the frying pan and fry them until nicely brown, once they are browned pour in the chicken stock and let simmer for about 15 minutes.
While they are simmering add the chopped up carrots and let them be in the same time until they have become a soft.

Remove the rolled chicken and carrots from the pan, Add the sour cream, butter and cream into the broth, mix with a hand blender into a broth. If you want it thicker you can use some flour and let it boil for a few minutes.

Potato Mash:

Boil the potatoes in salt water. Drain and steam the potatoes, force it through a potato ricer. Sit in hot cream, softened butter and finally add the parmesan. Season with white pepper.

And Serve.

Well that is it, once again i really hope that you enjoy this meal. It has certainly got my vote as one of the best tasting meals ever and even just the filling that you put inside the bacon can be eaten on the side it is really that great! But give it a try and let me know what you think.

So until next time have a great day.

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