Sunday, 23 December 2012

Stuff Kids Come Out With...

So I found it rather amusing the other week, we had shouted to the boys that it was time to get ready for bed and that they should go and brush their teeth.

Alexander on the bus on the way to town the other week.
So like good little boys off they went and did so, now normally the routine is go rush teeth, come say good night to me and then head off to bed. But out of the blue Alexander decides to come through to the living room where myself and Marie say and out of know here says:

"So really, when am I going to get my own computer?"

At first it took me a good few minutes to digest what was being said to me, mainly because I didn't quite understand where the hell it had come from, I mean I had sent him to brush his teeth but obviously in the process of doing so he had decided to think about when he would get his own computer.

My only reply was:

"Well not now at least, you need to grow a little bit more before ill get you your own computer"

I don't think it was quite the response he was looking for and is still trying everything in his power to obtain his own computer.

He has even gone as far as putting it on the list of things he would like to buy me and his mum for Christmas.
I think this is more an attempt of well if try but each other a computer from us then perhaps we can have their old ones.

Safe to say this is not going to happen, I mean where the hell am I going to get the money to buy Marie a computer that is awesome enough to do everything she wants it to do lol. Plus the fact we have decided to buy a new TV after Christmas instead of buying gifts for each other so yea.
It was a nice idea of his but its not going to work lol.

And then yesterday was probably the best ever!

Alexander had came down and asked Marie:

Alex: "Can you put a film on upstairs?" to which Marie's reply was:

Marie: "No, go and play like normal children, you don't need to play computer games or sit and watch movies all the time" and then he comes out with...

Alex: "Do we have to play???" He then comes into the livingroom and informs his brother that they HAD to go upstairs and play .... which was rather disappointing by the sound of his voice.

But it doesn't stop there, oh no! they go upstairs and then after a short while we hear:

"Max, if you don't stop talking in English, then i'm not playing anymore!!"

I mean although my children can understand English and when they ask me what words are in English can copy exactly what i have said, they cannot actually speak the language on their own accord, so for him to come out with this so randomly was hysterical to me.

I just found it funny that he randomly came out with it. Honestly the things kids come out with really crack me up at times, especially when it's in Swedish.

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