Monday, 7 January 2013

So It's 2013 Eh?

Well I honestly can't believe that we are already into a new year, I mean seriously how quickly did 2012 go by? for me at least it seemed to go flying by or at least the last part did.

Well I say the last part but really I mean from May onwards.

And this year?

Well it's turning out to be a pretty good year or at least it's started out so. Not only that I honestly think this year is going to be my year, I was actually talking the other week to one of the summer workers who had been pulled in over the Christmas period and out of the blue he turned around and said "You know what Ben, this year coming is going to be your year", and hey why not?

I actually sat the other day and looked at my old New Years post that you can find HERE and had a look through all my New Years resolutions that i had last year and I think for the most part I actually did pretty damn good on them, I mean I got myself a job.. Well Marie actually got me the job or at least got my foot in the door which I will be forever grateful to her for and as for the rest?
Well I failed on a few things but they weren't anything that I would consider hugely important.
But the things I really wanted to accomplish I did, I feel that my relationship with the boys although still could use improvement is getting a lot better and with my daughter? Well that's still failing but at the same time she does not make it at all that easy for me, but she's a teenager so what are you to expect.

But for the most part I think I managed to accomplish quite a lot last year and I feel the year ended on a high.

So what's this years resolution or resolutions well none really, apart from getting my drivers license, and as long as I get that then I'm pretty sure that everything else will fall into place.

But that's it for the now I think, I'm going to make a conscious effort this year to blog a lot more since I noticed that last year at least since I started working I had dropped off a bit, and it's not like I don't want to or that I don't have stuff that's happening that I could blog about it mainly due to the time It takes. I mean who wants to read a blog post that was thrown together in 5 minutes and no effort has been put into it? I know I certainly wouldn't.
But who knows from Monday I'm heading up to where they perform the operations to clean up there for 5 weeks which is going to be exciting although I'm not looking forward to the hours (09:30-17:15) which is a lot different to my normal (07:00-16:00). This also means that I won't be able to take the bus into and home with Marie but oh well got to think of the money and I think it's going to be a lot of fun to try out something new.
Although not working with my normal group of people is going to be a bit of a bummer, but then I get to work with new people which will be awesome.
So as you can see its kind of a 50/50 thing, on one side I'm really happy and on the other I'm not but I'm sure things will work out.

But for now I'm going to head off, so take care everyone and hope your year works out for you guys too!

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