Sunday, 30 June 2013

We Did It!

Note: Long Post Incoming! :)
Don't i look handsome? haha

I haven't been around the blogging world in quite some time now, not quite sure how long but I'm guessing a good 6 months or so. I have of course been keeping up to date with all my blogging friends and what they are doing with their lives and trying my hardest to keep posting their posts via Triberr but i just haven't had the time nor the energy to be able to publish anything myself.

So your all probably wondering (or at least those who don't have me on Facebook) what's been happening in my life and what's been happening with the kids? Well lets just say a whole lot of things have changed for me and my family in the last 6 months and overall our quality of life has improved ten fold.

As everyone probably remembers i got myself time employed at the local hospital as a Vaktmästare (Caretaker you could say) and yes i'm still there fighting away, i have actually been given summer employment there now which means 8 weeks of non stop work, which in my opinion is completely awesome, not only that i have just been informed that they will be keeping me on until October on this contract since one of my work mates had 58 holiday days to take out and he decided he wanted to take them all at once, so i get to do his job until he comes back! SWEET!

The kids have also been doing awesome as well and really making me proud, a couple of weeks ago my 2 boys Alexander & Maximus graduated there first class of school which i was able to go up and watch and am really proud of how awesome they are doing in school, it's really strange that the 2 little hell razors that i used to call them have turned out to be so smart haha.
But now they are on there summer holidays and have started going to swim school that we have here in Sweden and have already taken their first badge.

This is the little pins they get when they accomplish tasks at the swim school

So the boys are having a blast and doing really well, so i really can't be more proud of them.. Sure they still get into stupid stuff and do a lot of things they are not meant to, but hey they are twin boys what can you expect....

As for my now 16 year old daughter Mikaela, well boy has she changed. I think it's natural that every parent especially when it comes to girls looks at there daughter even when they have grown up as the little girl that used to run around all the time being happy and laughing and all such things, unfortunately i missed that period as i never met Mikaela until she was 8 years old but i still look at her as she is 8 at times and remember that sweet innocent face. 
But now she is all grown up and is moving on with life at a rapid pace, her life no longer consists of playing with dolls and going out on her bike with friends and is more now all about cloths, shoes, makeup and boys. The phase i guess you could say every parent dreads when they hear "it's a girl" haha.

However i cannot complain she has really done some amazing things this year, including getting her grades to an outstanding level in school, of course she is not happy with them and wishes they were a lot higher, but honestly i could never have got the grades she did, and in fact i didn't lol! But not only has she accomplished finishing this schooling phase with high grades, but has also been accepted into Hair Dressing school here which she will start after the summer.

She is my world <3

As for Marie? Well she is still the same old Marie, totally nuts and i love her for it, she is working away like always and trying to keep us all in line and for the most part succeeding, it's really funny when i sit here and think about it as for the most part i think we all take what she does for us for granted myself included, but i have to say that without her our family would not stand a hope in hell of functioning the way it does, she is really a exceptional woman that i am glad to call my future wife.
But right now she is on her summer vacation from work, but as i said to her yesterday when she was talking to me about having to keep the house in order and that her holiday never feels like a holiday "You take vacation from your job to then take up another job looking after the kids and house"

Although the good news doesn't stop there, i have always said that once i get a job i was going to save up and finally get around to taking my drivers license and this year that is exactly what i did!
I have to say taking my driver license was one of the most amazing experiences of my life but at the same time was also the most stressful. Not even moving country and starting a new life in Sweden was as stressful as taking my drivers license.
But i did it and manage to pass it, i have no idea how as i decided that taking my license in my mother language was going to be to easy so i decided to make it a little bit more challenging and take the full test including the theory in Swedish!
Now however its all done and i got my license on Wednesday and went to pick up my car so now my list of things to do is almost complete, all that is left is to get married to my absolutely amazing and beautiful fiancee but god knows when that will happen.

So there you have it! Everything that has been happening with myself and family, this year has so far turned out to be a stressful but exciting year and i'm just hoping it continues! But for now i shall bid you all farewell and hopefully it won't be to long before you hear from me again.


Mum said...

What an amazing blog so proud of everything you and Marie plus the kids have achieved over the last few months well done to you all love you and miss you like crazy

Kaeshan Nallanathar said...

So next time I visit you can pick me up? Good stuff!

Daddysincharge said...

Glad to hear that you are doing well! Always wonder if the Angry Scot is angry anymore.

The Angry Scot said...

Yea don't worry there is still many idiots out here to keep me annoyed :P