Sunday, 7 July 2013

Wonderful Day Out.

Last time I wrote on the blog i had mentioned that a couple of weeks ago I had finally passed my driving test and while it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life it was by far the most stressful.

But although it was so stressful yesterday proved to me that every single kronor and stress was well worth it as myself and my hunny Marie decides to pack up the car and the twins and take a little road trip down to the Swedish coast. 

Everyone has always said that the Swedish coast is a must see for anyone who has come to Sweden or lives there as it is one of the most beautiful places in the whole of Sweden and I must admit they were not half wrong!

We set of pretty damn early as its a good 2 hour drive roughly down to the coast followed by a ferry ride over (that was a experience let me tell you! I have never been driven a car onto a ferry before but it was quite easy I must admit) and then headed on down to a town called Lysekil.

Whilst down there we decided to take the kids to the aquarium down there but I just admit it was quite disappointing, I had expected them to have a lot more fish and sharks and such likes but nope. They did have a fairly decent variety of fish but they had no sharks or at least sharks that we have come to know and love. 
But it was still great to go and see it and the kids had a really great time which was the whole reason we did it in the first place. 
However after about 45 minutes we were done and we had decided that we would spend the rest of the day walking around the town and just taking in the sights. I must say that if I had the money (aka was rich) I would buy a house down there haha. 

So although the aquarium was not as awesome as I would have liked it to be myself and the family had a truly awesome day out checking out the coast. 

It was just a weird feeling being able to just jump in the car and take the family out for the day without having to think about busses and trains for once and although I made some small mistakes on the drive down it was nothing life threatening that would cause a accident and I have learned from them so thumbs up I guess. 

Anyways here is some pictures for you guys to check out of the trip, hope you like them :)

So until next time, I hope everyone else had a awesome weekend and we shall see you next time :)


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Agent 54 said...

Nice pics. I like the kid's hat with the Angry Bird. You know, I play Angry Birds with real birds.
The fish pics make me hungry.