Thursday, 14 July 2011

What Is It With Women?

The title says it all really... Women confuse the shit out of me..
So i say to Marie, im away for a shower this was probably about 15 minutes ago which is fair enough, so yea i head off for my shower, grab new cloths etc and come back 5 minutes later. Remember this happens on a very regular basis, so i get back to the couch sit down and start doing stuff on the PC like normal when Marie turns around and asks me the same question she asks me nearly everytime i go for a shower:
"You showered already?!??!?!" with a look on her face of confusion...

Yea ok so i only take 5 minutes in the shower so what? i mean how is this not possible to understand

  1. I get undressed
  2. I put the water on and jump into the shower (not literally jumping but you get the idea)
  3. I wet my body from head to toe
  4. I get soap and i was all the way up and down my body
  5. I get out the shower
  6. I get dried
  7. I put new cloths on
So as you can see from above i do shower, and with all those steps you can't tell me that it should take more than 5 minutes, i mean what does she want me to do? Jump in the shower and stand there for 20 minutes examining my manhood and how wonderful it is? or perhaps look at all our pretty tiles and see where our landlord has fucked up?
Because without doing any of those i really have no idea how i could take any longer than 5 minutes in the shower :/

So is it just me? or do normal people have this problem aswell?

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Mie said...

No there is no reason to be confused, i am really sorry if that brains of your doean't keep up with mine :P
1) you say your away for a shower.
2) you dissapear from the livingroom.
3) I look up again and there you are again, with the same top, the same bottoms and dry hair...

So yeah excuse me for not having x-ray vision so i can see through your shorts and see that you changed your underwear, or keep a track of what simpsons you are wearing on your socks....
so yeah....sorry...

Love you though <3