Saturday, 16 July 2011

Day 2: A Favorite Movie

So today's challange was what my favorite movie was, this was extreamly easy for me to pick it has to be Gone In 60 Seconds.. I mean the first time i ever seen this movie i just fell in love with it and then continued to watch it over and over, think in total i've seen it about 2,000 times if not more. Somedays i would just watch it and then watch it again straight after, even got to the point i could tell you line for line what the character would say and the cars!!!! I mean if you look at movies like "Fast & Furious" then you have some wicked looking cars but they can never ever ever ever match up to "Eleanor (Shelby GT500)".  I would give anything in the world to be able to have one of them.

(Click Image To View Full Screen)
I mean seriously!!!!! who can look at this car and say that it is not sex on wheels!


Laken said...

I have to say 'Gone in 60seconds' is a brilliant film although I haven't actually seen it in a while. I do love the 'Fast and Furious' films so can't really say anything bad about them but I think they are getting a bit out of hand with how many they are making.

Mum doesn't agree with your comment about the Shelby GT500 being sex on wheels.

Ben said...

Pfff mum has no taste :) Do me a favour and get everyone in the house to click on the follow button at the top of my page please, it will help make my site more availble on google etc :) Get everyone to do it :)