Thursday, 21 July 2011

I'm Taking Axe / Lynx To Court!

So yesterday while we were in ICA (Supermarket here in Sweden) i realised that oh yea i needed new body spray, so i had seen the advert for this new Lynx/Axe "Excite" and thought damn that stuff looks great i mean it even makes angels fall from the sky, as seen in there advert.

So i decided that i would try it out!

Well screw that! i have now decided after the first day use that i will be taking Lynx/Axe to court for false advertisment.

I used it just now as i got out of my wonderful shower and i have yet to see one damn angel fall from the sky's..

I approached Marie and said to her that i was going to take them to court, to which she replied:
"So what am i then?"
Talk about putting me in a tough spot eh? lol! well my reply was "Your a human!" I think i dodged that bullet for the time being! 

So what do you reckon? Do you think i have a case against them for it?

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