Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Beach

So yesterday i decided that we should take the kids into town to our local beach, it looked pretty dull out when we woke up but after a hour or so it really became really hot and nice so we grabbed the kids and headed to the train station.

On the way we decided that we would take a wee stop into ICA (local supermarket) and get what the Swedish like to call "Fika" (basically its just something to drink and eat), while we were in there i was trying to convince the twins that we were at the location to play and that they should play with the Cat Sand (you know the crap that cats use to pee & shit in?) but for some reason they didn't quite like that idea.

Let's just say i've never met any child in the world that doesn't love the beach but once we arrived at the local lake all we heard was "I don't want to be here!" i mean talk about a slap in the face, safe to say we told them that we were going to be here and that was the end of it.

Alexander literally hates the water, he refuses to go in our pool here at home unless everyone is in it and pretty much ran back and forth out the lake while we were there.

So alex decided that instead of going into the nice warm lake (literally the water is warm and nice) he would play with his frisbee and then go off and play in the sand with his bucket and spade, while the other two played away in the lake.
While everyone else was having fun it gave me a nice chance to just chill out and enjoy the sun.

Without a word of a lie about twenty minutes being there the kids were moaning to go away, that it was boring. I mean what kid doesn't like the beach???? it really confuses me so we decided to have some "Fika" and then head up to the in-laws.

Let's just say when you phone up your in-laws and they say "Sure come on up" what they really mean is "Please don't come up" or at least that is the impression myself and Marie got yesterday as we arrived at her mum and dads. 
I don't think i have ever felt more unwelcome anywhere than i did yesterday, perhaps it was just the impression myself and Marie got.

At least the kids got to see their grandparents and have a waterballoon fight with actual Balloons, they don't seem to break on impact like waterballoons, but oh well the kids had fun.

So a pretty fun day, except the part of feeling unwelcome, but we all enjoyed our trip to the beach so that's all that matters.

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Saru Singhal said...

Looks like a perfect day with kids:)