Wednesday, 27 July 2011

What Have We Created?

Remember the times where kids would go out and play on their bikes, kick around a football with friends and just generally have a laugh. I remember that when i was a young lad i was bearly in the house, always out having a blast with friends or even just out the front of the garden playing on my own.

But these days no, kids are hooked on technology, TV, PC's and Game Consoles and unfortunatly my two kids have become just that, techno junkies.

As people are aware who read my blog the other day, the twins were away at their dads for the weekend and upon arriving home on Monday thats all they could think about. They normally jump out of his car and hug their mummy and say how much they missed her and couldn't wait to come home to see her, but not this time. They hopped out the car, gave Marie a quick hug and asked "Can we go and play our Cars console?"

I mean way to make your mum feel special right?

So it seems that in the course of a few months my lovely two boys have went from being fun loving kids who want to go outside and play in the sun and generally get up to stuff, to being a couple of kids that would rather sit up stairs all day and play a games console.
I really shouldn't be that suprised since afterall im a complete gaming nerd myself, and they have watched me spend countless hours playing World Of Warcraft, so does this mean my dream that i have had since they were small little boys bearly able to walk will come true? Will i have them in a years time logging into my WoW account and doing my dailys for me in the morning before they head off to school? or perhaps logging in on the weekends to go raid on my character?
All i can say is "HERE'S HOPING LOL!!!!"

So the twins got up today at 09:30 this morning and Marie handed them their cerial for breakfast, and i'm not kidding they didn't even finish it five minutes before asking "Can we go upstairs and play our game??"
Of course we refused and made them go away and tidy up their bedrooms before allowing them, but honestly we have created some gaming nerds i think.

(Max kicking ass at some Mickey Mouse game)

(Alex patiently waiting for his turn)

It's actually quite surprising that he was sitting so patiently since normally we are constantly hearing them argue about who's playing and who played last, which then results in one of them coming down to us with "X is playing all the time, it's not fair, it's my shot" which is normally resolved quickly by "if you don't stop arguing we're going to come up and turn it off".

 (The actual game they were playing not the best pic but oh well)

And then to top it off, after they were bored with playing their console they decided to come down the stairs, after they heard me playing some music on YouTube and decided it would be a great idea to take over my laptop while i was away out the back having a cigarette.
(Damn those children of mines lol)

And then to top it off, we normally have the children set the table for dinner but yesterday Marie shouted up to them, "ok kids come down and set the table for me please" the only reply that was given was "but mum.... we're playing, you can set the table" i mean seriously!!!! of course we shouted up get the console off and get your asses down here and set the table but i mean it's just so funny to hear some of the things that kids will come out with.

But the way i see it if they're doing that at least they aren't doing stuff they are not meant to be doing, like playing in the bathroom and jumping on their beds etc so i suppose thats one benifit.

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